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Benefits of Spray Tanning VS Sun Tanning

Sun tanning is the most common method to achieve a sun-kissed glow. However, sun tanning is not only outdated, it’s also unhealthy because it exposes the skin to the damaging rays of the sun. Up to a certain extent, sun exposure is healthy. It activates the skin to produce vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient. However, the ultraviolet rays …

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All About Drying Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. This is a rather primitive food preparation where heat from the sun or fire is used to eliminate moisture in the food. Moisture in food can trigger bacterial growth, causing spoilage. When moisture is removed, nutrients are retained while minimizing spoilage. As long as the dried food is kept well, …

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How to Achieve the Perfect Tan

Summer’s all about achieving a healthy glow. And self-tanning is the healthiest way to fake sun-kissed, bronzed skin. Unfortunately, the application can be tricky. In today’s post, we are giving you pro tips to achieve the perfect tan just in time for the summer season: Planning Ahead You can’t just slather the product and call it a day. Self-tanning usually …

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How to Sag-Proof the Skin

As far as the skin goes, everything goes downhill once you reach your 30s. At this point, all the sins of your 20s will show up on the face. Of course, science can offer groundbreaking treatments to minimize signs of aging. But preserving the firmness of the skin is a different thing altogether. There are ways to keep the skin …

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