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Amazing Superseeds You Should be Eating Right NOW

Big things come in small packages. Seeds, no matter how tiny they are, are packed with essential nutrients that promote better health! In today’s post, we are listing down some of the best seeds you should be adding to your daily diet: Chia Seeds This is one trendy diet food worth the hype! Chia seeds contain complex carbohydrates that fill …

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Flower Tattoos and Their Meaning

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and the most popular among all designs is the flower. Contrary to popular notion, a flower tattoo is not strictly done on women alone. People wear tattoos to highlight an important event, person, or illustrate one’s belief. The pattern is just a part of the significance of the tattoo, regardless if it is …

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The Nutritional Benefits of Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a part of a healthy diet. Clinical tests found that people who consume nuts and seeds are less vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes. And if you love roasted sunflower seeds, we’re happy to report that they are packed with important nutrients and beneficial fats! In today’s post, we are giving you more …

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