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Can Red Wine Help You Lose Weight?

It seems we encounter a new food or nutritional supplement on a daily basis that claims to promote fat loss. While some prove to offer a slight benefit in the battle to control excess pounds, many prove to be a disappointment. This leaves the health conscious person with few alternatives other than diet and exercise to battle those excess pounds. …

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How to Increase the Good Bacteria in Your Intestines

Although bacteria often get a bad rap for causing disease, certain bacteria found in the gut  perform the useful function of keeping the bad bacteria that cause disease under control, thus reducing your risk of becoming ill. Some good gut bacteria are even thought to play a role in preventing and treating certain types of digestive disorders such as irritable …

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Why a Broccoli Supplement Is No Substitute for the Whole Food

Broccoli is a polarizing vegetable. In surveys, broccoli tops the charts as one of the top three favorite vegetables Americans love to munch on right after potatoes and corn. But there are still plenty of people who despise the taste of this green, crunchy vegetable and refuse to put it on their plate. Broccoli Supplements: Are They a Good Substitute …

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