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Do You Suffer from a Rumbling Stomach After Eating?

Do you experience the sensation of your stomach rumbling after eating a meal? This common problem can be frustrating for the thousands of people who suffer with it every day. The scientific name for this condition is borborygmus which is a word used to describe the sound made by gas and air moving through the intestinal tract. Some people who …

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The Facts of Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Its official name is Diabetes Mellitus (DM), but most people just call it Diabetes. It’s actually a collection of metabolic disorders known by the following names: Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Gestational Diabetes Regardless of the type, the condition is characterized by high levels of glucose (blood sugar) that occur as a result of defects in …

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Causes and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Each year in the United States alone, about 170,000 people die of lung cancer. Cigarette smoke is considered the biggest culprit as the main cause of lung cancer for both smokers and non smokers alike. For the most part, lung cancer can be prevented, due to the fact it may take years for the cancer to develop. Besides tobacco as …

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Mesothelioma Cancer: A Rare but Serious Form of Cancer

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer sometimes known as “asbestos cancer”. It has the unusual title of asbestos cancer due to the fact that most mesothelioma sufferers have been exposed to asbestos at some point in their life. What you may ask is this substance called asbestos? Asbestos is a fibrous type material used in building insulation. It enters the general environment when asbestos …

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Four Natural Treatments for Heartburn

Do you suffer from occasional episodes of heartburn? Almost everyone experiences periodic mild heartburn after eating too fast or overindulging. Infrequent cases of mild heartburn generally don’t require treatment with prescription medications but they do necessitate some relief. Before attempting a natural treatment for heartburn, be sure that what you’re experiencing truly is heartburn. In some cases, a heart attack …

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Four Effective Ways to Treat Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from dry eye syndrome? This is a fairly common condition where the eye doesn’t produce enough tears to keep the surfaces of the eyes moist. This results in symptoms of eye irritation, dryness, and burning and may give rise to a feeling that a foreign body is in the eye. Before attempting to treat this condition, it’s …

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