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Echinococcosis: Signs, Symptoms, Complications, and Prevention

Echinococcosis is a type of parasitic infection caused by Echinococcus granulosus or Echinococcus multilocular’s tapeworm. These parasitic worms live in livestock feces but are associated with dogs as well. Echinococcus is common in Central Asia, South America, the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa. Though rare, there were reported cases of Echinococcus infection in the US. Echinococcosis is transmitted by ingestion …

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Tapeworm Diet: What is it and Does it Really Helps in Weight Loss?

The tapeworm diet is perhaps one of the most controversial and highly radical approaches to losing weight. As the name suggests, the diet requires a person to use parasitic worms to minimize nutrient absorption in the body, leading to weight loss. Tapeworm is a type of parasitic worm that belongs to the flatworm family. Tapeworm infestation is caused by unknowingly …

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