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How Ginger Lemon Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Ginger is a popular spice that’s indigenous to Southern China. Eventually, ginger spread across Asia and into Africa and Caribbean. Gingerroot is not only prized for its distinct aroma and flavor, it’s also an effective detoxifier and weight loss agent. Clinical tests show that ginger could help regulate glucose level in the blood. And if you want to lose weight, …

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The Truth About Wu-Yi Tea

Tea has been known to promote better health which is why it is the drink of choice for many people in Asia as well as the United Kingdom. There are many kinds of tea to choose from. There’s chamomile, green tea, white tea, and many others all offering great health benefits. One of the best teas there is what they …

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Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea: Does It Help Allergies?

As allergy season approaches, people start reaching for their trusty box of tissues – and their antihistamines. Unfortunately, some antihistamines you buy at the drugstore make you feel groggy and give you a dry mouth. What if you could get allergy relief by sipping tea? Not just any tea – rooibos tea, the red tea native to Africa. Some people …

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5 Healthy Reasons to Drink Black Tea

You are familiar with black tea already — over 75 per cent of tea consumed worldwide is black tea. Black tea is the “standard tea” in the United States.  If you drink  bottled iced tea or buy generic tea bags at the grocery store, you get black tea. So chances are you have already been drinking black tea in your …

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