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Should You Take Beauty Courses?

It is one thing to learn how to apply makeup on YouTube and another when you stake a beauty course and passing the state’s licensing examination. Enrolling at a beauty school allows you to learn continuously about new techniques and technologies as well as expand your knowledge through continuing cosmetology education. If you are serious about your craft then there …

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Physical and Nutritional Techniques to Boost Athletic Performance

You might not compete to the Olympics, but your diet and exercise program should do more than just sculpting your physique. It should improve your performance, boost balance and strengthen your functional movements. Although there’s no fool-proof plan that can help you achieve better athletic performance, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you optimize your athletic performance: …

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Going Hair-Free: Facts About Permanent Hair Removal for Men

Contrary to popular belief, permanent hair removal is not popular among women alone. Even men aspire to achieve smooth, hair-free skin on targeted areas of the body. Currently, there are two types of treatments that offer permanent hair removal: electrolysis and laser treatments. In today’s post, we are listing down the pros and cons of these permanent hair removal treatments: …

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4 Techniques to Calculate Your Ovulation

Did you know that the possibility of getting pregnant increases if you have unprotected sex three days before you ovulate? One study reports that there’s a 27% to 33% risk of getting pregnant if you have sex on any of these three days! What is Ovulation and Why is it Important? At some point in a woman’s menstrual cycle, a …

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