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Building Strength with Negative Training

At some point in your routine, you will hit the dreaded plateau. And if changing up your routine didn’t keep you from overcoming said plateau, why not consider negative training? Negative training is a fitness technique bodybuilders and power lifters use to build strength. It’s a technique reserved only to those who are serious about taking their fitness to a …

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Toning and Training Weak Body Parts

A well-rounded fitness routine is important to achieve a powerful physique overall. You just can’t choose one specific body part to tone. If you do, you will not build strength on your weaker body parts. The end result wouldn’t be balanced as well. It’s normal for other muscle groups to develop faster than others. But don’t let this stop you …

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Using Muscle Memory to Improve Fitness

What is muscle memory and how can you use it to improve your fitness regimen? Muscle memory is the concept of performing something repeatedly until the muscles can do it automatically. Most experts believe muscle memory is nothing but a myth. After all, the muscles don’t have brains. They won’t be able to recall things they used to do. In …

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Which is Better for Muscle Growth: High-Intensity Training or High-Density Training?

If you work out regularly then you might be familiar with high-intensity training. Not to be confused with high-density workout, high-intensity training refers to exercises that will push your perceived efforts. The idea is to work out until you arrive at a point where you could no longer do another rep. High-intensity workout is used to build muscles. It’s preferred …

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5 Joint-Friendly, Low-Impact Exercises for People with Bad Knees

It’s hard to stay fit when you have bad knees! The solution: low-impact exercises. Low-impact exercises are the best for those who are overweight, those recovering from an injury, or folks who suffer from chronic conditions like gout or arthritis. Low-impact exercises are classified as such if one foot has to be in contact with the ground or if movements …

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Increasing Speed, Endurance, and Agility Using Jumping Rope

Don’t skip rope jumping during your training; it’s an effective method to build speed, agility, and endurance! Pro athletes add jumping rope to their training to strengthen the legs, build running endurance, and keep the joints they use when running even stronger but with less impact. Jumping rope also helps maintain coordination and balance! This is why pro athletes like …

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Which Is Better: Strength Training or Cardio Exercise?

It used to be that in order to stay fit, one has to spend hours pumping iron in the local gym. These days, most fitness experts recommend a combination of different exercise regimens to achieve maximum weight loss results. Perhaps two of the most popular types of exercises today are weight or strength training and cardiovascular exercise. But which of …

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Why Body Fat Percentage is More Important Than Body Weight

It’s common for most dieters to keep an eye on the weighing scale when trying to lose weight. Of course, having a goal weight is important if you want to achieve a trimmer, healthier body. But lower weight isn’t everything! The amount of body fat you have in your body is so much more important to track than the numbers …

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