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Ectomorph: Definition and the Best Training for Your Body Type

Ectomorph refers to a body type characterized by a skinny, tall frame, longer limbs, and small bones. Those who belong to this body type have very little body fat and muscles. Other defining characteristics of this group is a linear frame, small buttocks, and chest as well as fast metabolic rate leading to difficulty in gaining weight or muscle mass. …

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Basics Tips: Weight Training For Teens

It’s never too early to stay fit. And if you or a teen you know wants to develop a ripped body, then it’s quite possible! Youth has so many advantages in fitness. You have boundless energy, stamina, and enthusiasm! But don’t jump right in and pump iron. There are certain factors you have to consider first before weight training. In …

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Finding Your Skin Type

Caring for the skin starts with knowing your skin type. From there, you can customize your skin care products and routine. Your skin type will depend on various things – including hormones, genes, lifestyle, diet, skin care products you use and environment. All these things affect your skin. And forget what you’ve been told about skin types. To effectively evaluate …

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Adrenal Type: Eating According to Your Body Type

In a book authored by Elliot D. Abravanel and Elizabeth King Morrison, there are four kinds of body types. These body types are: Thyroid Type, Pituitary Type, Adrenal Type and Gonad Type. By knowing your body type and adopting a diet that corresponds to it, you can maximize weight loss. Elliot D. Abravanel developed different diet plans that address the …

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Dieting According to Your Body Type

Most types of diet programs rely on banning certain food groups to promote weight loss. For example, Atkins diet requires more animal protein as opposed to carbohydrates to lose weight. But there are some diet programs that work to a specific body type. Such diets include the one developed by Elliot D. Abravanel and Elizabeth King Morrison. This diet program …

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