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Different Types of Eating Disorders Explained

Eating disorders are types of psychological disorders defined by abnormal eating habits until the individual’s health and physical appearance deteriorate. It’s accompanied by severe weight loss and extreme measures to lose more weight. Unfortunately, unless the person seeks life-long treatment that includes counseling and eating the right foods, eating disorders are notoriously hard to treat. In the US alone, more …

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Obesity and Its Health Risks

Obesity refers to a person with an excessive amount of fat in the body. For adults, a BMI or Body Mass Index of 30 to 39.9 is considered obese. If you have a BMI of 29.9, you are overweight. A BMI of 40 and above means you are morbidly obese. Although calculating your BMI isn’t the most accurate way to …

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The Different Types of Herpes Virus

When we talk about herpes, the first thing that will come into mind is that this is a sexually transmitted disease. Although this is true, you need to understand that there are two kinds of herpes viruses and their signs and symptoms vary according to the severity of the condition Herpes simplex virus or most commonly known as herpes are …

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