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Surprising Facts About Diet and Nutrition That You Didn’t Know

Just when you thought you have all the right information about diet and nutrition, you realize common sense is not so common after all. More so today, when store-bought food items are processed and preserved using a cocktail of chemicals. Worse, the food industry is very secretive in terms of how their products are manufactured. In today’s post, we are …

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The Negative Effects of Excessive Protein Shake Consumption

Protein shake is one of the most common fitness supplements. When used the right way, it prevents weight gain and cuts calories. Protein shakes help achieve a person’s dietary goals. It also increases muscle mass and decreases stored fats in the body. Because it doubles as a supplement, protein shakes provide important nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. But …

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8 Mistakes That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss

1. You eat too fast Ever notice how most thin people take their time to eat? One trick to losing weight is to eat at a slow place. If you have hard time losing weight then you’re probably doing the exact opposite – you’re eating way too fast! Slow down now. If you ever want to lose some weight, don’t …

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