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The Factors of a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet should provide all the important nutrients to keep the body healthy. Every second of your life, your body completes dozens of complex biological processes needed to keep you alive. All these processes are dependent on the food you eat. Quite literally, the kind of food you eat will affect your overall health. Your diet will translate to …

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Coconut Sugar: A Healthier Alternative to Artificial Sweetener

Coconut sugar – also known as palm sugar – is a type of natural sweetener derived from the sap of cut coconut flower buds. The flower buds are boiled and then dehydrated before being processed into a natural sweetener. Coconut sugar is particularly abundant in Asia and southeast Asia, where it’s been used for thousands of years. For the most …

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6 Reasons to Eat More Pawpaw

Pawpaw is a type of tropical fruit that belongs to the Asimina genus. The pawpaw tree is native to the eastern North America. Pawpaw is often mistaken with papaya because both fruits look similar. But papaya, which is native to Spain, is from a different genus. Although it’s not as popular in the west, pawpaw is one of the most …

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Why Do We Need Natural Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is important to all animals – including human beings. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce vitamin C on its own. The body harvests this nutrient from the food we eat. Without it, the body is unable to complete its many and often-complex processes. But why do we need natural vitamin C anyway? In today’s post, we are giving you …

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Why You Should Eat Dessert First

When you were a child, did you look at your dessert longingly – and wish you could eat it before eating your broccoli and spinach? Of course, your mom was adamantly against eating dessert first. In this case, mom may have been wrong. According to an article published in Woman’s Day, there are some good reasons to eat dessert first …

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A New Way to Get Vitamin D – From Bread?

Most people don’t get enough vitamin D. The best source of this calcium-boosting vitamin that builds strong bones and prevents disease is sunlight. When bare skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D precursors on the skin are converted to active vitamin D. But not everyone gets enough exposure to the sun, especially during the winter. That’s why getting vitamin D …

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12 Bodybuilding Tips for Complete Beginners

There could be many reasons why you may have chosen to take up bodybuilding apart from the obvious one, which is to pack on serious muscle mass – maybe you just want to tone up and lose weight, maybe you want to give yourself more ‘presence’ when playing another sport, such as football or hockey. Perhaps you are over 40 …

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