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Surprisingly Painless Ways to Keep the Pounds Off

There’s nothing pain-free about desperately working out and counting calories. The fact is, weight loss doesn’t really require Herculean effort. Simply making small changes in your lifestyle is enough to win the battle against the bulge. If you need help losing weight, consider these surprisingly easy weight loss tips: Develop the Right Mindset Any diet or workout plan will fail …

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The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

Lack of physical activity at work could be more harmful than you think. A new study shows that even if you exercise at the gym before heading off to the office, you’re still at higher risk for health problems if you do too much sitting during the day. According to this study, sitting too long in front of a computer …

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Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Going to the Gym

Do you want to get fit but don’t have the time to go to the gym? The majority of people are leading very busy live these days which leaves little time for leisurely workouts at the gym. Good news! There are ways you can get fit without joining a gym or doing long, complicated workouts. Why not try introducing micro …

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