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Refreshing Juice Recipes to Boost Weight Loss

Juicing is a trendy new way to stay fit and healthy! It also promotes weight loss by cleansing the colon and regulating digestion. Even better, there are millions of fruit and veggie combinations to try so you won’t get tired of juicing! Ready to try juicing to lose weight? Below are delicious, refreshing juice recipes that will boost your weight …

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Facts About Watercress Health Benefits

Watercress is a type of semi-aquatic perennial herb that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. It’s native to Europe and Asia. Watercress is regarded as one of the oldest leaf vegetables consumed by human beings. It’s cultivated for its delicate flavor and its powerful medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Watercress is usually found in moist environments. It thrives in slow-running streams and …

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