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How Do Poor Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Weight?

It’s no secret than the poor lifestyle choices we make every day affect our health. Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic diseases including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. But how can our lifestyle choices affect our weight? Let’s see how lifestyle factors can influence our weight and health: Cigarette Smoking Most smokers are convinced that …

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5 Common Nutritional Issues and How to Resolve Them

Just like anything in life, our appetite is not static. Sometimes you feel famished for no reason and other times, you don’t have any appetite at all. The body goes through different changes at various times of the day. Usually, medical problems can affect the appetite. But there are times when mental and emotional issues disrupt the appetite too. In …

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Fiber Supplement Pros and Cons: How and When to Use Them

Fiber is part of a healthy diet. It promotes regular bowel movement and keeps the digestive system healthy. It protects from cardiovascular diseases and boosts your weight loss efforts. Fiber also lowers cholesterol level and reduces blood pressure. It also stabilizes the glucose level in the blood, minimizing the chances of overeating. If you’re not getting enough fiber, you become …

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Fascinating Facts about Fats You Probably Didn’t Know

We cannot live on lean muscles alone. We need fat to store and expend energy. Fat is one of the most basic components of the human body. And just like nerves and organs, the body needs fat to work properly. Types of Fat There are two types of body fat: essential or brown fat and storage or yellow fat. In …

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CoolSculpting: The Hi-Tech Way to Sculpt the Body

CoolSculpting refers to a non-invasive weight loss procedure with principles based on a 1970 scientific study. The procedure involves freezing the excess fat cells, causing them to die and gradually eliminated from the body. The extreme cold is used to shape, contour and add definition to specific parts of the body. CoolSculpting is based on a study that analyzed the …

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Leptin: All About the Weight Loss Hormone You Haven’t Heard About

Did you know the body has its own natural defense against weight gain? And that if you’re able to maximize this hormone, you can achieve a slender frame naturally and for the long term? This hormone is called leptin. Ironically, leptin is produced by fat cells. It works to control the body’s metabolic rate, hunger and energy expenditure. To understand …

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Scarsdale Medical Diet: Does it Work?

The Scarsdale medical diet is a diet program developed in the 70s by physician and cardiologist, Herman Tarnower. The diet program was named after a town in New York, which Tarnower conducted his medical practice. Initially, the diet was meant exclusively to certain patients. Eventually, the diet became a sensation among individuals who simply want to lose weight. The Scarsdale …

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The Oatmeal Diet: How to Stick to the Program and Lose More Weight

The oatmeal diet is a simple weight loss program that promises healthy, gradual weight loss. Oats are high in fiber but low in fat and calories. They are a part of a healthy diet. Essentially, the oatmeal diet replaces all daily meals with oatmeal. Studies show that the oatmeal diet is extremely beneficial to the health. In a research published …

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Fat Diet VS Healthy Eating and Lifestyle: Which is More Effective?

Most people, particularly those who want to lose weight, tend to obsess on what “diet” works for them. And there’s a whole industry that caters to weight watchers, including fat burners, diet pills, teas, as well as crazy diet fads. All these choices aren’t just overwhelming, they leave overweight individuals confused as to the best way to lose weight: through …

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