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How to Enjoy Food and Eat Without Guilt

It’s hard to keep your diet in check when you’re out enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones. And let’s face it, you tend to overeat when dining out or when in good company. The fact is, you can enjoy your meal and have zero guilt. It’s just about being smart about certain choices you make when you’re eating. …

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The Gummy Bear Diet: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Gummy bears aren’t exactly diet food, but the Gummy Bear Diet is the real thing. Also known as the Gummy Bear Cleanse, the gummy bear diet is based on the laxative effects of sugarless gummy bears. This diet program was accidentally discovered by someone who no doubt ate copious amounts of this candy to the point where it triggered diarrhea. …

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Diet and Fitness Plan to Lose Weight

Two things come into play when adopting a weight loss plan. You want to consume fewer calories than you can afford to burn and performing physical activities. Most rapid weight loss diets rely on restricting calories to boost weight loss. This isn’t healthy at all. Rapid weight loss diet of all kinds could lead to nutritional deficiencies, lethargy and sometimes …

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Explaining the Different Types of Vegetarian Diet

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to being a vegetarian than giving up meat. In fact, the vegetarian diet comes in different types and levels. They vary according to the preference of the individual as far as the kind of food s/he wants to eat. To understand the vegetarian diet, you need to know all its levels.  In today’s …

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Losing Weight: It is Necessary? Advantages and Disadvantages of Losing Weight

In the 90s, Kate Moss singlehandedly changed the fashion industry by coining (and embodying) the term “heroin chic.” The concept behind it is to look as unhealthy as possible (rain-thin, sunken eyes, protruding cheekbones). Fast forward today, the emancipated look is still trendy in Hollywood. But thanks to infamous personalities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, the rubenesque figure is …

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Uncovering the Weight Loss Secrets of the Chinese

The average Chinese diet is loaded with white rice, noodles, fried meats and rich sauces.  Chinese cuisine isn’t exactly figure-friendly but why are most Chinese so slim? How can they stay skinny and eat so much carbs? More importantly, how can you apply these dietary secrets to staying in shape? In today’s post, we are uncovering the dietary and fitness …

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Audrey Hepburn’s Diet and Beauty Secrets

More than her enduring beauty and fashion sense, Audrey Hepburn is known for her perpetually slim figure. Considered as a style icon and an advocate of healthy living, Hepburn was able to maintain her weight at 110 pounds despite being a lover of pasta and chocolates. She also abhorred exercising, but loved walking. Her enviable figure became a fodder for …

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5 Painless Ways to Lose the Baby Weight

So the baby’s here and you’ve been spending sleepless nights tending to your little one’s every need. If you’ve been planning a strategy to lose the baby weight, do so only when your body is ready. Usually, those who had a vaginal birth can start working out a week after giving birth. But for those who had a C-section, it’ll …

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The 8 Best Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss

Going to sleep is easy when you’re dead-tired. But hitting the sack on an empty stomach? That’s a different story. There’s a big chance that you’ll have trouble catching Z’s. Even if you do get to sleep, you might wake up in the middle of the night as hunger knocks on your door. The solution is simple, really. All you …

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