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What Are Thermogenic Enhancing Agents?

Perhaps you have heard about the thermogenic agents but is still unclear about what this is all about. Thermogenic enhancing agents are simply known as fat burners. These agents are the new approach to burning those unwanted fats quickly. And because there are so many people who are battling with weight issues, it’s not surprising that a lot of them …

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8 Mistakes That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss

1. You eat too fast Ever notice how most thin people take their time to eat? One trick to losing weight is to eat at a slow place. If you have hard time losing weight then you’re probably doing the exact opposite – you’re eating way too fast! Slow down now. If you ever want to lose some weight, don’t …

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HCG Diet: Protocols and Weight Loss Results

One of the more trendy diet plans right now is the HCG diet. It’s a type of restriction diet that only allows dieters to consume 500 calories per day — as long as you take daily supplements of HCG hormone injects or oral HCG drops. What’s HCG? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a type of hormone that occurs naturally …

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Why Body Fat Percentage is More Important Than Body Weight

It’s common for most dieters to keep an eye on the weighing scale when trying to lose weight. Of course, having a goal weight is important if you want to achieve a trimmer, healthier body. But lower weight isn’t everything! The amount of body fat you have in your body is so much more important to track than the numbers …

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The Truth About Wu-Yi Tea

Tea has been known to promote better health which is why it is the drink of choice for many people in Asia as well as the United Kingdom. There are many kinds of tea to choose from. There’s chamomile, green tea, white tea, and many others all offering great health benefits. One of the best teas there is what they …

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The Blood Type Diet

Have you ever wondered if there’s a certain type of diet for people with different blood type? If you do then your curiosity is answered as there are certainly different kinds of diet for people with different blood groups. If you are wondering what they are then here’s your chance, read this article. Does it really work? Since it hasn’t …

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The Egg Diet — Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

What’s an egg diet and can it really help you lose weight? Egg diet is a protein-based diet consisting mostly of, well, eggs. Egg diet is a variation of the Atkins diet where carbohydrate consumption is restricted. The basic egg diet consists of eating two eggs along with grapefruit or any lean protein or carbohydrates for breakfast and a small …

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How to Eat Less and Feel Full Quicker!

Eat Slowly While it’s tempting to wolf down your entire lunch in five seconds because you’re busy and that hungry, eating at a relaxed pace can actually help you eat less and feel full quicker. It takes the brain 20 minutes of eating to send signals to the body that it’s full. Now, imagine if you ate at a fast …

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