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20 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again

Beverages are so diverse that there must be thousands to choose from! A trip to the largest grocery store would give you dozens of options – a selection of juice, soda, energy drink, coffee, tea, milk, bottled water, beer, wine, and spirit, just to name a few. Add to that the coffee shops, tea houses, wineries, breweries, and specialty shops …

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19 Foods Your Dentist Wants You To Avoid

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if it’s fewer trips to the dentist that you want, there are certain foods you should stay away from or shouldn’t be eating at all. Some foods can be damaging to your teeth, gums, and overall dental health. They can break down your enamel, the protective coating of your teeth, and …

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Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Did you know that some of your favorite alcoholic drinks pack a lot of calories? In fact, the popular Cosmopolitan contains about 200 calories per 4 ounces!  If you don’t want your diet to cramp your style on a Saturday night with the girls, consider ordering these low-calorie alcoholic drinks instead: Bacardi and Diet Coke Bacardi is not only a …

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