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Know the Facts: Don’t Fall for These Fitness Myths!

Ever wonder why you keep working out and yet see very little results? You might be wasting time and effort on the wrong exercises! In today’s post, we are debunking some of the most common fitness mistakes to minimize wasted workout: A Treadmill Generated Less Impact on the Knees Running is one of the most effective yet simple exercises there …

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8 Tips to Speed Up Recovery After Training

If you’re the type who’d spend half a day in the gym then you’re no stranger to muscle pain. Rest and recovery are a critical part of a fitness program, especially for strength and conditioning. And it’s important to protect yourself from injuries caused by a series of intensive workout. Remember, resting is just as important as exercising! And if …

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Fast, Easy Ways to Ripped Abs

Everyone wants ripped abs, but not a lot of people are willing to put in more time and effort into developing a muscular midsection. The fact is, consistent exercise is the fastest ways to develop the abdominal muscles. There’s just no shortcut to that. But, certain tricks can help you minimize belly fat. Next time you work out, add these …

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The Benefits of Weight Training Among Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis – simply known as MS – is an inflammatory disease that disrupts nerve cell function in the brain and spinal cord. Over time, the disease leads to muscle weakness, coordination problems, numbness and visual impairment. MS has no known cause and cure. However, most health experts agree, weight training can reduce MS symptoms. In today’s post, we are …

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A Basic Guide on TRX Workout

TRX is an exercise program developed by Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. The TRX started out as Hetrick’s personal workout routine. He developed it to achieve optimum physical fitness while away on missions. TRX is based on a suspension training system. The exercises are done using a belt and a surplus parachute webbing. The belt and wedding are manipulated using the …

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How Music Affects Your Fitness (For The Better!)

No one is immune to the power of music. Not even athletes and fitness buffs. In many ways, music can enhance your workout. A good song energizes the body, improves coordination and boosts mental alertness. In today’s post, we are giving you 5 reasons why you should put your fitness playlist on full blast during your workout: It Stimulates the …

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5 Cellulite-Busting Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine

Cellulites are deposits of fat underneath the skin. When fat starts accumulating under the skin, it starts pushing against the connective tissues. When this happens, the outer layer of the skin takes on a bumpy appearance. Although harmless, cellulite gives the skin an unsightly cottage cheese-like appearance. Unfortunately, there is no cream that can eliminate cellulite. However, these exercises may …

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The Importance of a Medical Checkup Before Working Out for the First Time

So you’re starting a new chapter in your life by working out for the first time. You hired a personal trainer to get you started and you’re raring to live healthily. Before jumping headfirst into physical fitness, have you considered going through a health screening exam? Working out requires peak physical health. Unfortunately, most people overlook a medical checkup before …

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Yoga: The Perfect Workout For Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a digestive disorder caused by a herniated upper stomach and a weak diaphragm. These abnormalities cause the digestive juices to shoot up into the esophagus, causing heartburn or painful chest. The common causes of hiatal hernia are obesity, the lack of gag reflex, and aging. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this condition. It can be managed …

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