The 5 Benefits of Boxing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Boxing is a classic; it never goes out of style. The secret to boxing’s longevity is its long list of health benefits. After all, there is more to boxing than two people trying to knock each other out. To maximize the health benefits of this sport, you have to understand the delicate art of synchronizing punches with footwork. Sounds simple enough but it’s harder than it looks! In today’s post, we are listing down some of the many health benefits you can get from boxing:

1. Keep the Heart Healthy

It’s no secret that boxing keeps the heart healthy by fine-tuning the cardiovascular system. The heart is a muscle. Just like any muscle, it can become stiff over time. This could lead to a variety of heart ailment. The concept of cardio is to make the heart work harder to build endurance and stamina. When the heart is working at its peak, it becomes less prone to heart disease. Keeping the heart rate up has more benefits beyond keeping the heart healthy. It can torch more calories and accelerate weight loss too!

2. Boost Body Strength

It’s one thing to stay in shape, it’s another to build a powerful body. All that punching and jumping builds strength because of the output you bring to your opponent. Whether you punch your way to victory or use fancy footwork, these activities require a certain level of strength to execute. For example, punching a bag hundreds of times per session engages the lower and upper body at the same time. The repeated motions tone and strengthen both parts of the body simultaneously. This is a feat because not a lot of workout has the ability to engage all muscle groups at the same time.

In addition, most trainers tend to incorporate strength-training exercises with boxing. This boosts the body strength even further.

3. Develop Quick Reflexes

Quick reflexes matter in fitness and in life. Boxing improves hand-to-eye coordination, allowing you to avoid punches and make quick punches on your own in seconds. How is this relevant in life? When you have quick reflexes, you react faster on times when it matters the most. This is important especially for aging individuals. Better hand-to-eye coordination improves balance and quick thinking, allowing you to make better decisions to avoid accidents or falls.

In fitness, you need to have quick reflexes to avoid accidents too. Improving your hand-to-eye coordination is important to hone your skills, no matter what sports you are into.

4. Release Stress and Anxiety

No better way to express rage than to take it all out on a boxing bag! Beating stress and anxiety through boxing is a proactive way of calming the mind. It works so well as an outlet for stress because of the intensity of the bout and the moderate intensity of the recovery periods. When you are pushing yourself to your very limit, you forget the things that eat your mind. Instead, you feel empowered.

5. Boosts Weight Loss

Boxing may not be known for it, but the sport is one of the best ways to shed the extra weight! Boxing engages the upper and lower body. It trains the muscles to work harder, building strength and stamina. All those punching, running and jumping will torch a lot of calories. In the end, your mass will increase and your fat mass will decrease significantly.

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