The 5 Benefits of Pilates Reformer

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The Pilates Reformer is a type of exercise machine that brings together all the exercise techniques of Pilates and turning them into an intense workout that targets the whole body. The workout machine utilizes leverage, body weight, and springs to create resistance. The Pilates Reformer stimulates several muscle groups or a specific muscle group alike.

As far as the moves go, the exercises are done using controlled, flowing movements. The movements are designed to boost flexibility, improve muscle strength, and develop a full range of motion. The Pilates Reformer is meant to increase resistance to the movement to tone and sculpt the physique. In today’s post, we are listing down the benefits of the Pilates Reformer:

1. Boosts Endurance

Allowing the body to perform these movements despite the mounting resistance is the main feature of the workout machine. This, in turn, stimulates the muscles, allowing the tissues to exert more force to overcome the resistance. The result? Stronger muscles and a toned physique! With increased muscle endurance, you are able to engage in intense exercises for extended periods without getting tired. Keeping the muscles in tip top shape allows you to perform everyday tasks without fatigue. The machine also tones and strengthens the muscles without being too bulky.

2. Develop a Stronger Core

Training with Pilates Reformer allows you to work all major muscles in the body, including the core. A strong core is important when engaging in rigorous physical activities. A weak core equates to weak physical strength. The core is composed of abdominal and lower back muscles. Conditioning the core keeps the spine aligned. A strong core boosts the effectiveness of any exercise because the body is aligned properly.  With a strong core, you can generate power without exposing yourself to injuries.

3. Promotes Proper Posture

Pilates exercises lengthen the spine, correcting its alignment. The movements are designed to keep the spine at its proper alignment. The same thing applies to Pilates Reformer. The machine improves spinal alignment, allowing the body to stabilize. With proper posture, you look taller and leaner. The joints are not strained because of your misaligned spine. The muscles are balanced. Proper posture also reduces lower back pain.

4. Improved Muscle Flexibility

The Pilates Reformer works by toning the muscles and its connective tissues. The machine engages various muscle groups through a full range of motion, giving every muscle fiber a good stretch. Using the machine will boost muscle flexibility over time. The constant stretching of the muscles decreases strain and stress to the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. As the muscles become stronger, they become resistant to stress. Any exercise becomes even more effective if the muscles are flexible. On top of all this, strong muscles are also resistant to soreness and stiffness! That means shorter recovery period!

5. Improved Breathing

You simply cannot perform Pilates exercises without mastering proper breathing exercises. Using the Pilates Reformer assists in proper breathing. Using the machine, breathing becomes heavier, less frequent. Overtime, deeper breathing boosts lung capacity, allowing you to workout longer and at a more efficient rate.

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