The 5 Worst Makeup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It happens to the best of us, making simple and perfectly avoidable makeup mistakes for one reason or another. The good news is, you don’t have to be a makeup expert to fix common makeup mistakes! To ensure a flawless face, avoid these common makeup mistakes:

1. Wrong Foundation Shade

Your base can make or break your look. Wearing two to three shades lighter foundation will lead to pasty, uneven results. A foundation that’s a wee bit too dark can make your look too severe. The key to finding the perfect foundation shade is to know your undertone. Check if your undertone is cool, neutral, or warm.

If you have a cool undertone, go for rose, red or blue-based foundation shades. If you are warm-toned, opt for yellow, gold, or peach-based foundation shades. If you are neither dark nor cool, you can pull off both cool and warm foundation.

If say, your foundation is just a tiny bit too light or too dark, you can work with the color but make sure to apply bronzer on the forehead and hairline to avoid any harsh lines. Just blend, blend, blend to achieve natural-looking results.

2. Unblended Eyeshadow

The eyes are supposed to have depth and if you are applying eyeshadow, make sure you don’t use a single shade. Good eye makeup starts at proper blending. Blending the layered colors help create a beautiful gradient that enhances the eyes without the harsh lines. If you leave your eyeshadow unblended, the eye makeup looks harsh, unfinished. This goes especially if you are wearing smoky eyes.

To achieve fabulously done eye makeup, use the right brush. A blender brush features very wispy fibers that soften and blend color well. Start by blending a base color on the entire lid then applying a lighter color on the innermost part of the eye. On the crease, you can use a darker color to add depth to your peepers. Finally, blend, blend, blend!

3. Panda Eyes

Dark under eyes can make you look exhausted and fatigued. Panda eyes look especially stark when wearing a full face so make sure you have a good concealer to neutralize darkness under the eyes. Just apply a couple of dots under the eyes, blend with your ring finger to blur the harsh lines. Let the concealer dry before setting with a loose powder. If you are applying thick liner on the lower lash, make sure to blend properly to achieve the best results. Don’t just line the eyes and leave it unblended!

4. Badly Groomed Brows

Nothing ruins a look faster than bushy brows. The eyebrows frame the face so make sure to keep them groomed regularly. Start by plucking stray brows and leaving the natural shape of your brows untouched. Then, use a brow gel or a brow pencil to outline the brows and create a defined shape. Just make sure the definition is not too sharp. Again, blend the product very well for a softer, more diffused effect!

5. Hiding Bad Skin with Makeup

Foundation and concealer can only do so much. If you have bad skin, do not pile on the product or your bumps will look extra obvious. If you are breaking out, give your skin a break. Do not wear makeup at all. Instead, groom those brows, apply a great lip color and go straight to your dermatologist to nurse your skin back to flawless.

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