The Awesome Way to Cook Food

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Food is great but cooking them is a whole new story. I bet most of us love to eat food more than cooking them, right? Now if you love cooking and love the thought of serving food then you must learn the best ways to cook them. It doesn’t matter what meal you prepare but knowing the different ways of cooking food will help you achieve the best meals possible. So if you want to know what they are, here are the best ways to cook food!

  • Sautéing – this is when you cook food in a moderate amount of oil, butter or fat in a pan over direct heat. In some countries, there are dishes that need to be sautéed first in order to get the flavor right. However not all food needs to be sautéed but in case you have a dish that needs to be sautéed then do so. You will be surprised with the results!
  • Slow cooking – meat and other vegetables can be cooked slowly. This is done over low temperatures. It is believed that some nutrients are loss in this way of cooking but you can eventually get the nutrients from the sauce or cooking liquid where you have cooked your food.
  • Cooking with pressure cooker – this process is when you use intense heat or liquid that causes rapid cooking. Pressure cooking tenderizes the food that you are cooking and through this process, nutrients may also be loss. Make sure that the foods you are cooking do not lose any sauce or liquid so that nutrients can still be recovered.
  • Steam or steaming – steaming is perhaps one of the safest way to cook food. It preserves the flavor and aroma as well as the nutrients and vitamins found in your food. Steaming is usually done to vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin and many others. It helps decreases the volume of the vegetables so you can consume more.
  • Stir frying – this process is done over intense heat. Dishes with vegetables mixed with meat, pork or chicken can be stir-fried. It helps maintain the texture of the vegetable as well as color while minimizing the loss of nutrients and vitamins. Make sure to use a large, heavy-duty, frying pan for this kind of process.

Besides these five ways to cook your food, you can also try grilling, baking, boiling, toasting or roasting. Of course, how you cook your food will also depend on the kind of dish you are preparing. Some food needs to be prepared with the combination of two or more processes. It can be hard work at times but the end result is always great. So if you love cooking and are looking for ways to cook food, try these. You can even experiment with them as you go! Just make sure to protect yourself with the right cooking equipment like aprons and pot holders (when lifting hot plates, pans etc.) to avoid accidents in the future. Most importantly, enjoy the process of cooking as you go. Good luck and have fun!

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