The Beauty and Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Deep breathing doesn’t just improve health, it also offers many beauty benefits. That’s why breathing exercises should be part of your everyday routines.

Improves Oxygen Delivery

Our cells, tissues and organs rely on oxygen to maintain optimum function. Imagine if you’re not getting enough oxygen. Lack of oxygen translates to lackluster skin, poor circulation and unhealthy cells. If you want to maintain healthy heart, lungs and skin, start taking deep breaths. Deep breathing will increase circulation, leading to rosy, healthy skin. Just like any kind of cells in the body, skin cells are at their healthiest when they have enough oxygen.

Detoxifies the System

Yes, breathing exercises can eliminate harmful toxins in the body. That’s because the body is designed to release 70% of accumulated toxins through breathing. For instance, carbon dioxide is a natural toxin expelled from the body’s metabolic processes. Each time we exhale, we eliminate carbon dioxide to cleanse the system.

Shallow breathing makes it harder to expel toxic compounds from the body. It also forces the lungs to work harder to cleanse itself. When the body works harder to eliminate toxins, the immune system weakens. This leads to various illnesses and infections that affect your body from the inside and out!

Uplifts the Mood

You feel more beautiful when you have a positive disposition. And breathing exercises can help you achieve a sunnier frame of mind. Deep breathing boosts the neurochemical production in the brain. This lowers the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It also elevates the mood, control pain, and lower blood pressure.

Improves Posture

Did you know breathing deeply helps improve posture? That’s right! When you breathe deeply, the body automatically shifts to a straightened position. This is caused by the lungs that fill with air. Try it right now! It’s hard to breathe deeply when you are hunched over. Bad posture doesn’t just damage the spine or cause misaligned bones, it also leads to incorrect breathing. This minimizes the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and organs, leading to poor health, foul mood and bad skin!

Promotes Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Start by learning how to breathe correctly. When the body gets enough oxygen, the cells and tissues are nourished. The extra oxygen in the body will trigger fat burning. Studies show that stressed out individuals burn glucose instead of fat. By performing breathing exercises, you burn off more fat rather than sugars. This leads to weight loss.

Stimulates Cellular Regeneration

Bring back your skin’s natural glow through deep breathing. Breathing exercises promotes cellular regeneration. It will eliminate dull, blotchy or lackluster skin. When the circulatory system works at its best, the skin’s texture improves too. Breathing deeply also stimulates cells to repair itself, leading to beautifully luminous skin.

Promotes Better Sleep

At least 8 hours of sleep is a must if you want to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Each night, the body repairs itself. Dead cells are replaced with new ones, damaged tissues are repaired. A good night’s sleep also improves mood and energizes the body. Needless to say, you can’t have enough sleep. And if you couldn’t sleep the night before, it will definitely show on your face. Perform breathing exercises before retiring to bed to wake up to youthful skin!

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