The Benefits and Risks of Rapid Weight Loss

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

For dieters who want to lose weight in as little time (and effort) as possible, then a rapid weight loss regimen may give you the results you are looking for. Whether it’s fat-burning supplements or a highly restricted diet, there are many slimming products that promise faster weight loss and almost instant results.

However, this type of diet routine is definitely not for the faint of heart. Rapid weight loss products do have risks and it’s important to know the pros and cons of this weight loss regimen before you give it a try.

Benefits of Rapid Weight Loss Diets

Dramatic Weight Loss

The whole point of rapid weight loss programs is to lose weight in as little time as possible. This is ideal for people who are trying to lose weight to meet a deadline, such as special events like weddings or the prom.

Dieting does not yield instantaneous results. It takes weeks—even months—to achieve a goal weight. With a rapid weight loss routine, you could be shedding off weight within weeks, cutting the waiting time in half.

Boosts Motivation

The beauty of seeing instantaneous results is that you want to stick around to see even better results. Rapid weight loss diets are popular because people love seeing quick results, allowing them to stay on track with their diet to lose even more weight. The results motivate dieters to watch what they eat and continuously improve their figure.

Boosts Confidence

Some dieters do feel more confident when they are maintaining their slender frame. Clothes fit better, you feel less tired, and you get compliments because you look great. Simply put, you feel an overwhelming sense of gratification and confidence from beating the bulge.

The Risks of Rapid Weight Loss

Muscle Loss

When you stop eating, the body goes on “survival mode.” At first, the brain will try to hold on to as much stored fat as it can to survive. When left with no choice, the body will start burning stored fat together with muscle tissues. This leads to chronic fatigue, general weakness, and radical muscle loss. Significant muscle loss will also slow down the metabolic rate and increase the chances of you gaining back all the weight you lost.

Loose Skin

When you lose drastic amounts of weight without exercise, the skin loses its elasticity. Depending on the amount of weight you lost, flabby flaps of skin could form around the arms and stomach.


Most diet programs that promise rapid weight loss tend to require dieters to adopt a strict diet. When certain food groups are shunned, the body does not get the required nutrients it needs. Rapid weight loss diet works because it basically starves the body of nutrients, leading to malnutrition. This is why rapid weight loss is not recommended for long-term use.


Most dieters feel elated once they lose several pounds just a week after turning to a rapid weight loss program. But the fact is, what you lost might’ve been water weight. You will gain it back when you drink water. Diet plans that deprive dieters from drinking plenty of water are dangerous.

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