The Benefits of a Boxing Workout

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There is more to boxing than two people hitting each other until one knocks out the other. There is an art to this fighting method. It’s a sport that combines agility, stamina, technique, discipline and mental power into one serious workout. Boxing can help you overcome your physical and mental limitations. In today’s post, we are listing down the amazing benefits of boxing:

It’s a Total Body Workout

A typical boxing training session starts with a combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise. The session is likely to include heavy bag, speed ball, medicine ball workout as well as weight training and running.

Usually, you will go through 3-minute rounds of sparring. Sparring is actual fighting in a controlled gym-setting. To survive the ring, you have to be at the best shape of your life. And you need a strong pair of lungs too!

Boxing boosts every aspect of your physical ability: agility, flexibility, coordination, strength, power, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, and endurance. Very few workouts are able to work the body as hard as boxing can!

Alleviates Stress

Nothing like a good boxing sesh to take out any pent-up emotions or stress! You might think boxing is wearing you down, but it won’t. In fact, it energizes the body and alleviates stress at the same time. The combination of aerobic exercises and strength training tones and sculpts the body. It also pumps up the heart, boosting psychological well-being. That’s why a boxing training leaves you energized, relaxed and calm! Also, because boxing requires patience, it allows you to become less reactive to stress.

Built Rapport, Friendly Competition

Nothing like a friendly competition to motivate you to whip your body into shape! Sparring is a competitive experience in a controlled setting. It’s far from brawling. Depending on your disposition, the experience could boost your self-esteem. Even better, sparring can spark conversation with other people, beyond your trainer. It builds camaraderie. And when you’re more comfortable in the gym, you’re less likely to miss a session!

Boost Power, Endurance, and Stamina

Boxing isn’t as good when it comes to building mass. However, it’s the best workout to achieve a powerful body. All that punching, footwork, and other training require a certain level of strength. Strength that some professional bodybuilders do not possess. By the end of your training, your body isn’t just toned, it’s also more powerful. You can also outlast the best of ‘em with ease due to improved endurance and stamina.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

How is better hand-eye coordination related to total health, you ask? Coordination is linked to your fine and gross motor skills. It allows you to make quick, reflex movements at times that they matter. Better coordination is important to delay the signs of aging. It minimizes the risk of accidents and falls. From avoiding a flurry of punches to delivering a knock-out punch, boxing fine tunes your hand-eye coordination. With practice, you become a better fighter!

Improves Body Composition

Sometimes, people aren’t into boxing to become a professional athlete. They join a boxing class to lose weight. That’s not a bad thing at all! Most boxing trainers do not promote boxing as a weight loss workout. However, no one can deny that the sport improves body composition. Just an hour session of boxing burns off hundreds of calories. It decreases fat mass and promotes muscle building. Boxing is cardio and strength training in one routine. Coupled with a healthy, low-calorie diet and you’ll lose a lot of weight from boxing in no time at all.

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