The Benefits of Freeze Drying Foods

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Freeze-drying is a food preparation method that preserves perishable material. It works by freezing the item, reducing the surrounding pressure and allowing frozen water to sublimate from solid to gas. When the water freezes the item, it dehydrates the product. If you are curious what the benefits of freeze-drying are, continue reading below:

Faster, Easier than Canning

Compared to canning, freeze-drying is faster, easier, and more efficient. Freeze dried foods have longer shelf life than canned foods. Canned foods only keep for a couple of months to a year. But freeze dried foods can keep up to 20 years! You can freeze dry just about any food, including vegetables, fruits, meats, and dairy. In just 20 to 36 hours, you can pack your foods and keep it up to whopping 25 years or so!

Maintains Nutrient Value

Certain types of vitamins and minerals are sensitive to high heat. Exposing foods to be preserved in high heat could affect the nutritional value of these foods. All types of water-soluble vitamins – such as vitamin B and C – get lost in high heat. Certain types of antioxidants are lost from high heat too! Because freeze-drying does not expose foods to high heat, the nutritional value of the items remains the same once they are ready to eat. In fact, the nutritional content of freeze-dried foods is equal to that of their fresh counterpart!

Retains Natural Color and Taste

Unlike other methods of food preservation, freeze-drying does not cause damage to the food being preserved. Why? Unlike canning or dehydrating, freeze-drying does not expose foods to high heat that could affect the color, taste, and nutritional value of the foods being preserved. Freeze-dried apples, berries, ice cream, avocados, and other foods will look and taste the same once they thaw.

Preserves Larger Pieces of Foods

Canning and dehydrating are only limited to smaller pieces of food. You have to cut a large food into smaller, manageable size to fit the canning machine or dehydrator. But with freeze drying, you can preserve larger and more varieties of foods including slabs of steaks, whole shrimps, tubs of ice cream, uncut vegetables of all kinds, etc. You never have to settle for diced, sliced, or shaved fruits or meats to preserve.

Reduces Food Waste

Overripe fruits and vegetables are typically thrown away rather than be eaten. Leftover meals, certain types of cheese, and herbs are also left in the fridge, uneaten and unused. According to studies, an average family of four throws away 40% of the food they purchase per year. That’s about $2,250 worth of food being thrown away each year!

With freeze-drying, you can maximize your budget because no food is wasted. You can preserve large quantities of food and retain their quality for two decades. You can choose what food to eat and what to keep, minimizing food wastage.

Healthy Foods

Let’s face it, preserved foods from your supermarket are teeming with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives to make the product look appealing. Canned foods are teeming with MSG, sodium nitrate, food dyes, and trans-fat. Sugar preserved foods contain high-fructose corn syrup, excessive sugars, and other compounds that cause sickness. Commercially bought preserved foods may or may contain GMO too!

Freeze-drying your own foods is the best way to avoid unhealthy foods from your local grocery. Because you preserve your own food, you can choose what ingredients to use, what foods to get, and enjoy healthy, nutritious, chemical-free foods.

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