The Best Skin Pampering Tips and Tricks to Try

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It doesn’t take much to keep the skin healthy. You don’t have to purchase pricey creams and derma treatments to keep the skin protected from the elements. All it takes to keep the skin in check is basic skin care and consistent skin pampering that does not take more than five minutes at all. Ready to achieve your best skin yet? Check out our skin-saving tips below:


There are two ways to keep the skin hydrated: drink more than 8 glasses of water and apply a facial and body moisturizer twice a day. Better skin starts at drinking more water to keep the skin plump and younger-looking. Applying a hydrating face and body cream soften the exterior layer of the skin too.

If you don’t like the idea of slathering an emollient face cream in the morning or at night, here’s a tip: apply the cream on slightly damp skin! The slight dampness eliminates greasiness from your daily moisturizer!

If you have extremely rough feet, hands or elbows, we suggest applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly or beauty oil on the affected area every night. To amplify the effects of your moisturizer, wear socks or gloves after slathering the cream on your hands and feet.


A superficial layer of dead skin cells covers the surface of the skin, making the skin look rough, dry and dull. You have to remove dead skin cells to keep the skin bright and smooth. Sloughing off dead skin cells boosts product absorption too! To exfoliate, you can either use a store-bought face and body scrub or make your own. If you’re using commercial face scrubs, avoid products that contain silica or plastic exfoliating beads. These beads pollute the waters and kill fishes.

Apply a dollop of face or body scrub on damp skin and massage it in using gentle circular strokes for at least 1 minute. Rinse with tepid water and follow up with your usual skin care routine. You can also invest in an exfoliating brush for a faster, more efficient exfoliation.

Protect the Skin

The one thing that really cause a lot of skin damage is ultraviolet rays. UV rays accelerate skin aging. It also causes various skin issues such hyperpigmentation, age spots, dry skin and even skin cancer.

Keep your skin protected from the damaging rays of the sun by applying sunblock every day. Sunblock with an SPF of 30 to 50 is ideal for everyday use. If you’re on the beach, we recommend switching to a water resistant sunblock with at least SPF 70 or 80. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours and don’t neglect the ears, the neck, and shoulders!

Umbrellas, wide-brim hats and sunglasses with UV protection lenses help protect the face and eyes from UV rays too. If you don’t have to wear skin-baring outfits, don’t. If you’re on the beach, we recommend wearing rash guard instead of a skimpy bikini.

Avoid Salty Foods

Sodium or salt dries out the skin from the inside. Too much salt in the diet can also cause bloating. Processed foods, junk food, and salty snacks contain more sodium than whole foods. Instead of snacking on fattening, sodium-laden foods, nosh on fresh fruits and vegetables instead!

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