The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2015

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

These days, working out isn’t just strictly limited to weight training, strength training, and cardio. Each year, trendy routines are being rolled out thanks to innovative class-style studios from various fitness facilities. In today’s post, we are listing down the trendiest workout routines of 2015:

Concierge Fitness

How would like a fitness expert to develop a fitness plan for you, including pre-workout meal delivered at your door? Concierge fitness is a type of service that prepares gym-goers to their fitness plans. This is an excellent choice for busybodies who don’t have the time to plan their work out on their own. You can book a car service to take you to your local gym and enlist a fitness trainer to push you to work harder during class.

Boutique Fitness

Boutique fitness lets you work out or mix up your training to achieve the best results possible. These studios offer specialized exercises that cater to a specific group of people. For example, if you are a fan of underwater training, enroll in a service that offers this type of training alone. The same thing goes if say, you prefer indoor rowing. The service providers can also create their own signature blend of workout to help you build your best body yet!

Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness takes yoga into new heights! Using a hanging hammock made from soft fabric, you will complete a series of positions while hanging. Aerial fitness improves flexibility, strength, and balance. It also boosts coordination and alleviates stress! One session usually takes an hour, which is enough time to stretch and flex the whole body.

Obstacle Course Race Training

Professional athletes and even special ops officers are coming out with their own fitness program. These fitness programs – such as Epic Hybrid Training or Mylo Obstacle training – are meant to boost strength, power and test stamina. Spartan training and military style training are also a part of obstacle course race training. Because these programs demand peak physical performance, they’re not for everyone.

Trampoline Workout

This is a type of jumping fitness program that started in Europe in 2001. The training will vary from gym to gym but essentially, a trampoline is required to perform the exercise. Trampoline workout helps improve balance, strength while stabilizing the body. It can also burn hundreds of calories per session.

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

We’ve featured HIIT before. This workout requires alternating short and intense bursts of activities followed by periods of rest or low-intensity movements. The beauty of this workout is it’s only 30-minutes long. However, this is a physically demanding routine, so it’s not recommended for seniors or those who are prone to back problems.

Competitive Fitness Classes

If you prefer a little friendly competition to motivate yourself to work harder, you’ll love competitive fitness classes. The format will differ from gym to gym. Some studios integrate virtual reality game with fitness to stir a little competition. Others use leaderboard called Torqboard to display the RPMs, speed and calories burned by a specific participant. By monitoring and displaying a person’s performance, other gym-goers are inspired to beat each other’s record.

Functional Fitness

Some fitness programs do not require people to go to the gym at all. You can turn everyday activities to shape up. Lifting weights using heavy suitcases, carrying a heavy basket up and down the stairs or jogging in place are functional fitness you can do at home. These exercises are designed to help you stay fit even when you’re unable to go to the gym!

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