The Body Sculpting Benefits of Foam Rollers

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A foam roller is a cylindrical foam used by athletes and physical therapist to soothe overactive muscles. This tool is meant as a therapy tool for self-myofascial release muscle therapies. The foam helps improve soft tissue flexibility and activate the antagonist muscle. The roller comes in a wide range of length and density.

The density of the foam roller is indicated by the color. Soft foam rollers are meant for those who suffer from muscle tightness while stiffer foams are meant to target larger muscle groups. Apart from its therapeutic benefits, a foam roller can be integrated to any fitness routine to tone and strengthen the muscles. Curious about the health benefits of foam rollers? In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why you should try working out with foam rollers today:

Improves Blood Circulation

Better blood circulation is a critical part of exercising. It can boost performance and reduce muscle strains. Using a foam roller as a workout tool can boost blood flow into the muscle tissues. When the tissues are pumped up, the cells are injected with a huge amount of oxygen. Even better, a foam roller will boost the blood circulation in the fascia, skin, ligaments and tendons in one swift movement.

Relieves Muscle Tension

Foam rollers are primarily therapeutic tools. They are meant to relieve sore muscles and flex strained ligaments. They make a great post-workout muscle reliever! We recommend doing bits of foam rolling stretches after an intense training to relieve muscle soreness and tightness. Because the rolling action gives you more control over your movements, you can focus on extremely painful muscles and soothe pressure.

Improves Range of Motion

Combining stretching and rolling action can do wonders for your muscles and joints. Regular foam rolling helps improve range of motion. It works by stretching the muscles to improve flexibility. It can also loosen stiff joints and relieve tension.

Faster Recovery Time

Want to recover faster from a particularly brutal workout? Try a foam roller! The stretching and rolling action of the foam roller help soothe tired, inflamed muscles. It promotes muscle repair and faster recovery time so you can bounce back from an intense workout immediately!

Smooth Skin

Although there is no cream on earth that can truly banish cellulite, foam rollers help smooth out the skin and make cellulite less obvious. It works by boosting blood flow under the skin. Regular foam rolling also drains the lymphatic glands and eliminates toxin buildup in the muscles. Even better, the constant rolling action will firm up the skin and improve skin texture.

Lengthen Muscles

Certain muscles – such as hip flexors and iliotibial band – are prone to shortening. This can cause limited range of movement. To lengthen the muscles, you have to apply a therapeutic pressure to targeted areas of the body.

Foam rolling helps tone, strengthen and lengthen these muscles. It works by applying deep, constant pressure on trigger points to improve balance and relieve inflammation. The rolling action can make the body less prone to injuries. Foam rollers work so well in lengthening the muscles that it can even improve the flexibility of the spine.

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