The Cave Girl Diet and Workout

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The Cave Girl diet is a variation of the more popular Paleolithic diet. Both diet programs are based on the idea that we should eat and move as our ancestors did back in the Paleolithic era. Essentially, you will be cutting out all the processed foods from your diet. That means no baked goodies, no fizzy drinks, not even cottage cheese.

How The Cave Girl Diet Works

The cave girl diet is all about achieving the mindset of a hunter or gatherer. This program requires more protein and fewer carbohydrates. You get your protein from meats, veggies and nuts. White rice, white pastas or white bread are completely banned from this diet. You will replace carbohydrates from refined flour with those from fruits and vegetables. Ideally, you want to eat fruits and veggies that are in season.

As far as animal products go, you have to eat free-range meats. If you can catch the animal yourself and dress it, then that’s better. The key is to get only the most natural proteins. This means meats laden with antibiotics are a complete no-no. You want to go organic or free range.

The most important food items in the cave girl diet are nuts and seeds. Our ancestors ate a lot of seeds and nuts. They are rich in protein, beneficial fats and are low in calories. You will snack on nuts and seeds throughout the day to prevent overeating.

Foods to avoid include legumes, foods made with refined products, alcohol, caffeine and dairy products. You will also cut back on root crops and grains. Any type of food that hasn’t been in the human diet for thousands of years is eliminated in this diet program.

Working Out Like a Cave Girl

Nutrition is only one part of the Cave Girl Diet. You have to work out like a cave girl too! The cave girl workout is similar to the Paleo workout. This means no aerobics or circuit training. The workout is based on the kinds of activities a cave woman would do. That includes lots of jumping, leaping, crawling, running and throwing things. This might not sound much, but the workout is physically demanding.

The concept of cave girl workout is to not look skinny at all. Women from the Paleolithic era aren’t rail thin. Cave women need their strength to survive the harsher environment. They did a lot of gathering and hunting to bring food to the table. And this is what you are hoping to emulate as you work out.

Your fitness program may include pull-ups, short sprints and exercises with a lot of movement. You can also do squats, pushups, lunges and other types of high-intensity training exercises. The key is to not focus on a certain body part. You want to a complete body workout to burn off fat and achieve definition. This can be done through a combination of plyometrics exercises, burpees, and pushups. If you can invest on kettlebells, do so. Kettlebell workouts are easy, intense and build power. Dumbbell exercises are great to tone the arms and shoulders.

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