The Curative Effects of Chinese Massage Therapy

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Oriental massage therapy has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM as far back as 722 BC. Medical texts, history books, and ancient medicine recorded various massage techniques to cure a variety of health maladies. Chinese massage therapy also bridged the gap between spirituality, healing, and martial arts. Usually, Chinese massage therapy brings together all the elements of acupressure, acupuncture, and herbal remedies to treat ailments and promote wellness.

To perform Chinese massage therapy, a practitioner will apply different hand massage techniques to manipulate the soft tissues. These manipulations are meant to redirect the flow of qi in the body. Qi is the body’s life force. Chinese massage therapy can be used to realign bones and heal the muscles to reduce pain.

Types of Oriental Massages

Tui Na

This is the most popular of all Oriental massage techniques in the modern world. This massage technique involves applying deep and constant massage all over the body, especially the back. This Chinese massage therapy is suitable for patients who suffer from chronic pains, sprains, arthritic pains, and musculoskeletal problems.

An Mo

An Mo massage brings together traditional Chinese massage techniques to restore calmness, balance, and relaxation to the entire body. This massage technique does not focus solely on a specific body part. Rather, it utilizes yang technique to promote wellness all over the body.

Dian Xue

Dian Xue massage always applies acupressure techniques to redirect the flow of qi in the body. It works by stimulating different organs to reduce pain and promote better health.

Benefits of Chinese Massage Therapy

Cures Soft Tissues Injuries

Chinese massage therapy helps ease soft tissue pains and tension by easing stiffness and pain. The therapy is used to treat a wide range of injuries including lower back pain, sciatica, sprains and frozen shoulders.

Increase Range of Motion

Chinese massage therapy can be used to keep the joints and muscles in tip top shape. The massage works by effectively breaking down scar tissues in the muscles and the joints. When the scar tissues are broken down, therapy alleviates swelling, inflammation, and boost the range of motion.

Cut the Risk of Circulatory Problems

According to TCM, the life force qi is responsible for the optimum performance of the circulatory system. If the qi is blocked, the heart and arteries will have a hard time circulating blood all over the body. By manipulating certain pressure points, the qi flow is restored and the body is rejuvenated and energized.

Energizes the Body

Apart from improving circulatory health, Chinese massage therapy helps stimulate the body. The result is a healthy body full of energy! Oriental massages work by restoring the body’s energy by improving sleep, provide a feeling of overall wellness and alleviates stress.

Boosts Immunity

When the immune system is working at its peak, the body is impervious to common viral, bacterial, and fungal infection. Traditional Chinese massages increase the body’s resilience against diseases, injuries, and bruises. It reduces inflammation, sore muscles, and sciatica pains. The massage also activates the immune system, making the body resistant to airborne infections.

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