The Drawbacks of the Pound Melter Diet

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Pound Melter is a diet program developed by Dr. Paul Sanders, a physician, and chiropractor. In a nutshell, the program aims to “activate” the dark fat tissues in the body to lose weight. According to a Stanford research, the body contains two kinds of fat: yellowish or white fat and brown or dark fat. The yellowish fat is easily eliminated through diet and exercise. But brown fat is more stubborn. It’s not easily toned down even when you work out or exercise. This type of fat is only eliminated by manipulating the body temperature.

According to Sanders, brown body fat creates heat. The program requires the consumption of “cold foods” to activate brown fat. The diet allows the body to torch brown and white body fat without spending a second in the gym.

According to its official website, the Pound Melter diet will help you lose 28 pounds in just 30 days without pills, exercise or even a restrictive diet.

The Benefits of the Pound Melter Diet

Below are the supposed health and weight loss benefits of this diet program:

Burns More Fat

Because it activates brown fat, the Pound Melter diet maximizes the body’s energy. It allows dieters to burn off more fat and boost energy by up to 400%.

Neutralize Free Radicals

The majority of the foods required in the Pound Melter diet contain antioxidants. These nutrients neutralize free radical damage. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that destroy healthy cells. This causes oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes a range of diseases including cancer and heart disease. It also accelerates aging.

May Prevent Chronic Diseases

Because the diet requires healthy “cold” foods, the Pound Melter cuts the risk of chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

The Drawbacks of the Pound Melter Diet

Stringent Meal Schedules

The diet program requires strict timing on meal hours. However, there is nothing on the program that explains why timing is essential in weight loss. This makes the Pounder Melter inflexible for some people who do not have a consistent day to day schedule.

Lacks More Information

The diet program made no mention that substitution is allowed and this makes the diet program restrictive to a certain extent.

Lacks Scientific Information about Brown Fat

In Pounder Melter’s official website, Dr. Sanders said that all people are born with brown fat. But some customers who did a lot of digging around refute this claim. One critic said that most women are born with brown fat, but it’s not common in men. Also, thinner individuals and those with low glucose level are more vulnerable to having brown fat.

But is it effective?

While some people claim that they’ve lost weight by adopting the Pound Melter diet program, there is not enough information about the merits of the diet at all.

Modern science hasn’t determined how brown fat works, how it forms and why it differs from white fat. Although Dr. Sanders made a compelling argument about how cold foods can melt fat, there is not enough evidence to prove this to be a fact.

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