The Japanese Diet: Can It Really Help You Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s no secret that the Japanese seem to know the secrets behind staying slim despite eating a lot of carbs. It’s fascinating how most Japanese (especially Japanese women) are able to maintain their slender figure no matter what they eat. And this fascination led to so many diet fads, one of which is the Japanese diet.

What Is the Japanese Diet?

Don’t mistake the Japanese diet as similar to eating traditional Japanese fare. It’s completely different. Promising weight loss in as short as two weeks, the Japanese diet is a restrictive program that all dieters have to adhere to rigidly in order to see results. As a side note, you can’t take any restrictive diet, including the Japanese Diet, without preparing your body first.

A week before you begin the diet, minimize the amount of food you eat gradually until the day the diet starts. This way, the body is able to adapt to the extremely smaller portions you take throughout the next week.

Japanese Diet: The Rules of Engagement

The Japanese diet has several rules too. You cannot eat food with salt and sugar. Salt tends to stimulate fluid retention in the body, leading to a bloated appearance. Sugar, on the other hand, tends to be stored in the body as fat when there’s excess amount of it so it’s prohibited at all cost. All types of sweet treats and alcoholic beverages are completely off limits.

Always take the required portion of food and stick to a rigid schedule (breakfast, lunch, and dinner only). Drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water each day and boost your nutrition by taking supplements. The Japanese diet may help you lose at least 15 pounds.

This diet will include meal plans good for 13 days. The kinds of food you can eat while taking this diet include boiled meats, vegetables, boiled eggs, and poultry as well as steamed fish and teas/coffees at certain times of the day (usually mornings). Snacking is prohibited.

Factors to Consider

Portions and consistency are key. If you are taking more than the required amount of food, it will affect the results of the diet by the 13th day. If say, you tried to replace a certain type of food in the meal plan, the diet will lose its effectiveness altogether!

Why? The diet is designed to alter the body’s metabolic rate. Every element in the meal plan works in conjunction with others to ensure steady weight loss. All components of the meal plan are meticulously researched to achieve the desired results. If done right, its efficacy in changing your metabolic rate could last for 2 to 3 years!

This extreme diet plan requires total commitment and almost supernatural self-control. After the 13th day, you are not expected to gorge yourself. You still need to watch what you eat. In fact, you are advised to gradually increase your diet so the body won’t get too shocked from the amount of food it takes after such rigorous diet program.

Finally, never extend this diet regiment beyond the required duration. Most experts advise to never repeat this diet twice in the same year.

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