The Many Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Airbrush makeup is a type of cosmetic process that utilizes an airbrush system for makeup application. The airbrush system features an airbrush gun attached to a compressor. Initially, several drops of liquid makeup are added into the airbrush gun. The liquid makeup can be anything from foundation to eye shadow. Once the makeup artist presses a button, a fine mist of makeup is generated from the gun. The mist is applied all over the face, applying the makeup effortlessly and evenly.

Once the makeup is completed, it will be left to set. Once it sets, the makeup will not slip or slide. Airbrush makeup is extremely budge-proof so it’s often preferred during special occasions, like for bridal makeup.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup


The beauty of airbrush makeup lies in its amazing staying power. The makeup is essentially applied as a liquid and when it dries, it adheres to the skin effectively. The makeup remains flawless even through sweat, tears, rain, etc. This is why airbrushing is preferred by brides. It can last from sun up to sun down! Most airbrush makeup formulas are smear-resistant, budge-proof, water-resistant and fade resistant. You can even go swimming with a full face and the makeup will remain intact even when exposed to water. And because the makeup is light, it’s so comfortable to wear despite the amazing staying power.

Won’t Cake

In makeup, caking refers to product that clumps on the surface of the skin when exposed to moisture or over-application of cosmetics. When sweat interacts with makeup, the moisture lifts the pigment away from the skin. This causes the pigment to clump together on the skin, making fine lines and wrinkles appear even more noticeable. Caking can also occur when you layer too much product. For example, adding more than three layers of foundation could cause caking. Adding powder into liquid foundation without letting the product dry can also lead to unsightly, cakey makeup.

Airbrushing emits a fine mist that applies makeup evenly, without caking. The makeup provides smooth coverage and color. You don’t have to apply several layers to achieve results. And because the makeup sets quickly, moisture will not accumulate. The makeup will stay intact until you remove it.

Save More on Makeup

While the airbrush system isn’t cheap, investing on one will save you more money on makeup in the future. Why? You don’t have to apply so much product when you use an airbrush system. Just a couple of drops of liquid foundation is enough to cover the whole face! You can also create your own customized palette to achieve fabulous makeup that’s made specifically for your skin tone!

Photographs Beautifully

Because airbrush makeup remains intact come hell or water high, the end result photographs beautifully! As the name implies, airbrushing will give you a flawless makeup application that looks good in person and in pictures. Any imperfection is blurred or smoothened.

Easy Makeup Application

Just like anything in life, there is a learning curve to airbrushing. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create a full face within minutes. Contrary to popular belief, airbrush makeup is not reserved strictly for bridal makeup. You can apply everyday makeup using an airbrushing system. And because the makeup stays on so well, you don’t have to keep re-applying!

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