The Master Cleanse: How to Do the Ten-Day Lemonade Diet

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

The 10-day lemonade diet or Master Cleanse is a restrictive diet designed to detox, cleanse the digestive tract, and lose weight, all the while providing “healthy amounts” of calories and nutrients to the body. The master cleanse may have been around since the 1940s but it only became popular after Beyoncé, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and many A-list celebrities admitted to taking the diet.

How Master Cleanse Diet Works

The Master Cleanse consists of three phases: Ease in, The Lemonade Diet, and Ease Out.

Ease In: Three days before the lemonade diet, you will gradually remove processed food from your diet. You will also start minimizing the portions of your meals each day to prepare the body for the liquid diet. The first day of ease in, you will only consume fresh fruits and veggies. By the second day, you will turn to juicing as alternative meals. And by the third day, you will only be drinking orange juice.

The Lemonade Diet: 10 grueling days of drinking nothing but lemonade juice. You cannot eat any form of solid food and you cannot drink any other type of beverage including coffee, fizzy drinks, and other fruit juices.

Ease Out: Don’t think you can wolf down a whole burrito after the cleanse or you’ll throw up. By the tenth day, your stomach cannot take solid food just yet. You need to ease yourself out of the diet by taking soups for a couple of days, gradually re-introducing solid food back into your diet.

To take on the diet, you will need freshly squeezed lemon juice, natural maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and distilled water (or regular water). You just make a juice out of these ingredients and drink 6 to 12 glasses throughout the day or whenever you feel hungry. The more juice you can drink in the day, the better!

And then, before going to bed, you can either take a laxative or do the Salt Water Flush to eliminate toxin buildup from the digestive tract and colon.

Factors to Consider

The concept behind this rigid diet is to overcome the psychological desire to eat. When you do the diet, you will gain better control of your appetite while also training the body to eat less food. The three main ingredients in the diet work together in unison to cleanse, trigger weight loss, and stimulate fat burning.

Cayenne helps stimulate the body to melt off stored fat. The lemon juice detoxes the body and gives the right level of nutrients to keep the organs working while the maple syrups acts to make the mixture palatable and preserving all the vitamins and minerals from the juice.

The amount of weight you lose after the diet will depend on how much juice you drank. The more juice you drink, the more weight you shed. Ideally, you should always shoot to no less than 6 glasses of juice per day to achieve better results.

Finally, do note that throughout the diet, you will go through headaches, weakness, mild tremors, fatigue, and lack of energy. But just keep on drinking the juice until the symptoms go away. The hardest part of the diet is the first four days. After the fourth day, your body will start being accustomed to the lack of solid food.

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