The Physical Benefits of Yoga

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

We know that yoga keeps the mind, body and soul healthy. The slow, controlled movements tone the arms and legs. Yoga improves flexibility and strength. Regular meditation, breathing exercises and yoga lower blood pressure and protect from cardiovascular diseases! But did you know yoga does so much more than boost flexibility and strengthen the organs? Although yoga isn’t meant to enhance you physically, it sure does. In today’s post, we are listing down how yoga does a body good:

Boosts Sexual Performance

Practice yoga every day and you will never reach for an aphrodisiac ever again. Regular yoga is an effective method to increase sexual desire, arousal, performance, and confidence. It also helps achieve earth-shattering orgasms for both men and women! Studies show that 12 weeks of yoga increases sexual desire and stamina. That’s because the movements increase blood flow into the groin, which is important in erections and arousal! Mentally, yoga and breathing exercises contribute to better sexual performance. And, of course, flexibility means being able to try out exciting new positions with your partner *wink*

Fight Food Cravings

Are you prone to overeating? Can’t help yourself when it comes to snacking? Yoga might help. Researchers at the University of Washington found that regular yoga exercise improves mindful eating. This is an awareness of mental and physical sensations associated with eating. When you are mindful of what you eat, you don’t wolf down calorific foods. Yoga strengthens the connection between the mind and the body. This makes you more aware of your actions, including your cravings. Combined with breathing exercises, you train the body to slow down, make better food choices and watch what you eat! The result? A fabulous figure!

Beautiful Skin

Yoga tones the skin, flushes out toxins through sweat and promotes clearer skin! In fact, several yoga practices are meant to achieve beautiful skin:


This cleansing method flushes out air through the nostrils. By forcing air out without blowing too hard, this routine expels toxins and cleanses the skin.


Take a long, deep breath through the nose then slowly breathe out. Yogis believe that bastika has to be done first before performing other breathing exercises.

Anulom Vilom

To perform Anulom Vilom, breathe in air from one nostril and then breathe out through the other nostril. You can use your thumb to hold out the nostril so you don’t breathe through the wrong one.

Develop Body Confidence

Yoga elevates the mind and body to a different level. You don’t just become healthy physically and mentally. You will also achieve the best shape of your life! Yoga might not be as strenuous as strength training, but it tones and defines the body. It’s a great option for those who want to stay fit without bulking up. And when you achieve the body you want, you become more confident. You feel better about your body and become more comfortable in your skin. You become less insecure about your flaws. Slowly but surely, yoga helps you get out of your shell. And when you are confident about yourself, you are more motivated to stay fit!

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