The Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that work as an alternative to tobacco. The device works by heating a small amount of flavored liquid nicotine. As the nicotine is heated, it is atomized and converted into an inhalable mist. Nicotine is delivered to users by inhaling the mist as if smoking.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes come in a wide range of features, but they all work the same. As far as the benefits go, health experts remain divided over the issue. In today’s post, we are listing down the pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes.

Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

Reduce the Urge to Smoke

An independent study tracked 40 tobacco-addicted vapers for several weeks. According to researchers, smokers who use electronic cigarettes are able to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms of quitting tobacco. The desire to smoke tobacco is also minimized after using vapor cigarettes compared to conventional smoking cessation aids like Nicorette inhalers.

Decreases the Consumption of Tobacco

A study found that vaping dramatically decreases the consumption of tobacco without  withdrawal symptoms. The study involved tracking 50 smokers who smoked Eclipse, an electronic cigarette brand. The participants said their desire to quit tobacco remained intact after the study. However, the researchers noted that Eclipse electronic cigarette increases the level of carbon monoxide in the blood. As such, it is not considered as a safer alternative to cigarettes. But compared to tobacco cigarettes, Eclipse electronic cigarettes cause few adverse effects to the health.

Offers Long-Term Results

Electronic cigarettes may help smokers quit tobacco for good. In a 2010 survey, 70% of the 3,587 participants were former smokers who use vapor products to quit tobacco for good. 61% of these participants are men and the median age was 41 years old. 96% of the correspondents believe that electronic cigarettes helped them quit tobacco for good and 92% say vaping made them smoke less.

The Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

Unregulated Industry

The vapor industry remains unregulated. As such, retailers and makers are able to avoid certain measures imposed to similar products, like tobacco. The lack of regulation paved the way for sub-par electronic cigarettes and batteries that explode, causing severe injuries among users.

Negative Effects to the Health

A 2011 study published on the CHEST journal found that vapor products could cause acute pulmonary problems among users. During the study 40, healthy nonsmokers were group into two. The first group was asked to smoke electronic cigarettes for 5 minutes. After five minutes, those who smoked vapor products exhibited an increase in impedance, peripheral airway flow resistance as well as oxidative stress of the lungs compared to group 2, which was not instructed to vape. Researchers conclude that vapor products may contain ingredients that are toxic to humans as well as compounds that are unsafe to the health.

May Cause Rare Lung Disorder

Certain chemicals in e-liquids can cause a rare respiratory disease called popcorn lung. Popcorn lung was discovered when a group of workers from a popcorn plant started suffering from breathing problems. Studies found that the workers were afflicted with bronchiolitis obliterans, a rare lung disorder caused by diacetyl. Diacetyl is an FDA-approved flavoring that provides a rich, buttery taste to processed foods. But when inhaled, this compound is dangerous to the lungs.

Unfortunately, most e-liquid manufacturers use diacetyl to improve the flavor of their liquid nicotine. Eventually, vapers who are exposed to diacetyl via vaping started suffering from bronchiolitis obliterans.

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