The Pros and Cons of Face Brushes For Cleansing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cleansing the face is the basic step towards healthy skin. For most of us, we use various products to ensure a good cleanse. These products include face washes in various formulas, face scrubs and even chemical peels. But an emerging trend in skin care is cleansing using a face brush.

A face brush is a tool that cleanses and exfoliates the skin at the same time. They used to be wooden brushes with fine, plush bristles. But thanks to skin care systems like Clarisonic, the sonic face brush craze started. Most skin care brands have their own face brushes, each one promising glowing skin with regular use. But how true are these claims? Are these tools essential in maintaining better skin? Below are the pros and cons of using a face brush for cleansing:


Clear, Smooth Skin

Instead of relying on micro-beads, a face brush will sweep dead skin cells faster, more effectively. With a face brush, dirt, grime, sebum and other debris are removed efficiently. Although a face brush and a face scrub work the same way, the former covers a much larger area of the face in one fell swoop. This makes cleansing a faster, more convenient affair.

Improves Skin Texture

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of using a facial brush is it changes the skin’s texture for the better. You will get the same results from a face scrub, but the results won’t last even for a day!

Face brushes promote blood circulation. The brush massages the skin; this increases blood flow underneath the skin layers. The skin becomes finer and rosier in appearance. The brush also smoothens and fades blemishes and pimple marks. Use it twice per week to achieve clearer skin for the long term.

Tightens the Skin

Use a face brush if you want to keep you skin tight and younger-looking. Since it promotes blood flow, face brushes restore skin vitality and glow. It promotes faster cell turnover, revealing the younger-looking skin underneath.


Leads to Over-exfoliation

It’s too easy to go overboard with exfoliation using a face brush. Especially since the technology is a novel idea for most users. There are cases wherein users will exfoliate their skin four to five times per day. This is dangerous. Over-exfoliation could lead to premature aging and skin irritation.

Could Lead to Breakout

Using a face brush for the first time could cause “purging” of the skin. This term describes a short period wherein breakout from using a face brush occurs. Pimples will go away on their own as you use the brush regularly. However, there are cases wherein too-sensitive skin becomes inflamed from all the brushing. If this occurs, stop using the device immediately. Stick to mild face scrubs instead and limit exfoliation to once per week.

It’s Abrasive

Exfoliation is limited for a reason; it could stress out the skin. It could break down skin tissues, leading to inflammation, wrinkles and skin thinning. If you’re using a face brush, limit usage to just twice per week. The fibers of the brush are just too abrasive for daily use. Also, we recommend using it just once per day or night, not night and day. This device is not meant for sensitive skin.

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