The Secrets of Building Muscles without Using Weights

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Building muscles is essential when you are working out. That is why many people who train use weights to develop and tone the muscles in their body. But what if you don’t want to use weights? Is it even possible to build muscles even without using them?

Can you build muscles without weight?

This is definitely a yes! You can work out without the use of weights and still build muscles. However, it might be harder and trickier to develop especially since weights are not involved. Is it possible? Yes of course but the kind of training you need may be a challenge but no one said it’s impossible either. So if you want to now the secrets of building muscles without the use of weights then we will teach you how.

Although it is possible to build muscles without weights, you need to understand that there are two important principles in muscle building. One is that progressive overload plays a big role in stimulating the muscle growth. This is also why people use weights to develop them. Second is that the diet you eat while developing muscles also plays a big role in your muscle growth. This is why both principles are applied together in order to obtain the muscle growth you need but what if you don’t want to use weights? What can you do?

Take action and follow these:

Perform various pushups exercises

Since building muscles need physical work, doing pushups is one way to develop them. Pushups help build the muscle size and strength of your chest as well as biceps and shoulders. Doing regular pushups is a good way to go. Try to challenge yourself by lifting one foot up as you progress. Make sure to keep your hands closer to support your shoulders and triceps. If you want to work on your chest, widen your hands.

Pullups can also help

To help build the back muscles, biceps and forearms, pullups can do the trick. Pullups can be done with arms all the way down and fully extended on the bar and then pulling up. Do this at least ten times and increase the repetition when you are able.


In order to build the gluteal muscles, hamstrings and quads, do squats. This will help you gain the muscles you need for your lower body exercises.

Strengthen your lower back

You can increase muscles in your back by strengthening them. Repeating this procedure can increase the muscles in the glute-ham areas. Doing abdominal exercises can also do the job. Basic crunches can be helpful too. Building up the core muscles can strengthen not only your abs but your lower back as well.

Perform dips

This can be done with the use of a dipping bar or two chairs. They help effectively in building muscles because you lift your entire body weight.

You see building muscles without the use of weight is possible. However it does require you total discipline and patience to build muscles since you are not using weights. The results may be a bit later than expected but yes, it does work. If in any case you hurt yourself while doing these exercises, make sure to stop doing your routine and consult your physician as soon as possible.

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