The Truth About Wu-Yi Tea

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Tea has been known to promote better health which is why it is the drink of choice for many people in Asia as well as the United Kingdom. There are many kinds of tea to choose from. There’s chamomile, green tea, white tea, and many others all offering great health benefits. One of the best teas there is what they call as Wu-Yi tea. What is Wu-Yi tea? What are the health benefits and why is it one of the best teas today?

Wu Yi tea is considered to be a medium grade tea. This is because it is not as strong compared to black tea nor is it processed like green tea. In fact, Wu Yi tea is a combination of both teas. This tea is usually offered with 10 to 70% oxidation and is usually brewed to obtain the strong tea taste but with the sweet aftertaste.

This tea is a traditional Chinese tea which is also called as clear tea because of its color and transparency. This is also referred to as Oolong tea but many people called it Wu Yi tea because it was believed to first originated from Wuyi Mountain. This is also because of the two poems from the Quing dynasty title Wuyi Tea Song and the Tea Tale. Besides China, Wu Yi tea is also served in Thailand and Japan because of its healthy and healing properties.


Drinking tea has its benefits. Drinking Wu Yi tea is even better. All teas contain substances like polyphenol but the concentration of polyphenol is higher in Wu Yi tea compared to other kinds of teas. If you are losing weight, polyphenol can help you with that. This substance helps stimulate and breakdown fat by activating the triglycerides. Once this is activated, it speeds up your metabolism which helps you burn fat even while you are at rest.

Wu Yi is also rich in antioxidants. Four cups of tea everyday can help protect against cancer and reduce the occurrence of heart attacks. It also strengthens the bones and at the same time helps protect the teeth against plaque and decay. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it promotes healthy skin as it reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Although the effects of this tea may vary with each individual, the benefits of drinking this tea can simply improve one’s health and quality of life. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it definitely helps promote a healthier body and prevents weight gain.

If you want to try this tea, make sure that you find a good and reliable source that sells authentic Wu Yi tea. This is also because that there are many sellers out there that claim you can lose 10 or 20 lbs. of weight in a week with the use of Wu Yi. Keep in mind that losing weight takes time with this kind of tea and losing about 20 lbs. in a week seemed false. So make sure to buy your tea from an authentic source, this way you get your money’s worth without risking your health.

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