Tips and Diet Hacks for Busy Women

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s hard to stick to a specific diet program especially when your schedule is always full and you’re always on the go! But don’t fret, these practical weight loss tips and diet hacks ought to help busy women like you stay in shape!

Replace Snacks with Fresh Fruits

A great way to stave off hunger pangs without consuming extra calories is to find low-calorie alternatives to fattening snacks. Fresh fruits make an ideal snack because they are light, delicious and sweet! Just take a couple of apples or oranges on your way to work and eat one whenever you feel hungry. You can slice several tropical fruits to make a healthy salad or give your plain meal a nutritious boost! Apart from apples and oranges, try bananas, grapefruit, pears and cantaloupe. These fruits are a great source of vitamin C, and fiber plus they are low in calories!

Make Sandwiches

Sandwiches make a great main meal especially for busybodies who have no time to sit down for a meal. We recommend preparing your sandwiches beforehand using fresh, low-calorie ingredients. Our favorites sandwich ingredients are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and white onions. Add lean protein like tuna, boiled egg, or chicken breast for a filling, low-calorie sandwich. Just make sure to avoid adding too much salt, mayo and fattening seasonings to keep the calorie content down.

Stay Hydrated

Perhaps the easiest way to stay fit is to drink water and lots of it! The human body is made up of 60% water and you have to replenish the fluids you lost from perspiring. Drinking water will speed up the metabolic rate and flush out toxins from the intestines. It also makes you feel fuller so you don’t overeat. We recommend drinking at least two liters of water every day to stay in shape.

Perform Chair Exercises

No time for the gym? Did you know that you could exercise without leaving your desk? If you spend a large chunk of your time chained to your office chair, perform chair exercises several times per day to stay fit. You can go online to learn simple chair exercises you can do while working. This is a great way to incorporate fitness with your working hours! The best thing about chair exercises is that they relieve back pain, neck pain and release tension from the joints.

Avoid Unhealthy Beverages

From fizzy drinks and flavored water or energy drinks, avoid beverages that contain a lot of calories. We recommend sticking to plain water to quench your thirst. If you must have coffee, make it plain black with very little sugar. Reduce, if not totally eliminate, artisanal coffee or frappes from your diet. When you eat out, order your foods à la carte so you don’t indulge on fizzy drinks or iced tea.

Make Healthy Snacks Within Reach

When you’re pressed for time and you have deadlines to meet, you want your snacks to be healthy, low in calories and within an arm’s reach. We recommend bringing small baggies of dried fruits, nuts, seeds or trail mix to the office. Keep them in your desk drawer. These snacks are healthy, low in calories and they will stabilize your blood sugar level so you don’t overeat.

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