Tips and Tricks for a Low-Calorie, Skinny Chocolate Milkshake

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Milk and chocolate shakes are notoriously high in calories because they are packed with fat, sugars and other fattening ingredients. But don’t fret! You can create delicious but healthy milkshakes right at home. To make your drink low in calories, you can substitute fattening ingredients with healthy ones. Below are tips and tricks to whip up a skinny milk or chocolate milkshake:

Use Non-Dairy Alternatives

The main reason why milkshakes are fattening is full-cream milk. Full-cream milk is not only high in calories; it’s also high in unhealthy fats. A diet rich in full cream dairy can lead to obesity and heart disease!

Instead of using full-fat milk or even low-fat milk, use nondairy milk. Nondairy milk is made up of nut, beans or grain extracts. Nondairy milk alternatives are low in calorie and high in essential nutrients! We recommend almond, soy or coconut milk to add depth and creaminess to regular milkshakes. You can also use hemp or rice milk. When choosing the right milk substitute, go for non-GMO brands that are low in sugar and gluten. If you can, go for fortified milk alternatives.

Fruit, Spice and Herb Extracts

Instead of using sugar, syrup, cocoa powder and other ingredients to flavor your drinks, use fruit or spice extracts. Fruit, spice and herb extracts add great flavor to your drinks without the unwanted calories and sugar. A dash of peppermint extract or vanilla extract to your skinny chocolate milkshake will definitely add a different dimension to your drink. You can also combine different spices and herb extracts to customize your drink.

Use Ground or Powdered Spices

Another low-calorie milkshake flavorings are ground or powdered spices! Cinnamon powder, ginger, cardamom and ground tea leaves contain zero sugars and zero calories. They make the perfect spices for holiday drinks too! You can combine powdered spices with flavor extracts to create unique, delicious and low-calorie drinks such as vanilla cinnamon milkshake, chocolate and cardamom shake as well as chai and ginger milkshake!

Variations of Low-Calorie Ingredients

Substitution is a dieting gal’s best friend. Instead of using chocolate syrup to make your own chocolate milkshake, use low-calorie alternatives like cacao nibs. Dutch-processed cocoa powder is also a great alternative to chocolate syrup because it’s lower in calories. It’s also packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

Instead of adding ice cream to thicken your drink, why not use shredded coconut, powdered oatmeal or silken tofu instead? If you want to give your drink a nutty flavor, add crushed cashews, almonds or walnuts. You can also add a dollop of organic peanut butter, raw hemp seeds, aloe gel, or almond butter for a creamy, thick milkshake. Forget about syrups or artificial sweeteners to add sweetness to your drinks. You can add fresh, ripe berries, mangoes, watermelon and juicy peaches to sweeten your milkshake and add a layer of flavor!

A little raw honey or molasses can be used to add sweetness to your drinks too! These sweeteners are healthier than table sugar because they are organic and unprocessed.

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