Tips For Mature Women Who Want To Lose Weight and Increase Metabolism

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Tip #5

Mature women who are trying to lose weight and increase metabolism should make sure to incorporate enough protein in their diet. Mature women will burn more calories and build more muscle if their diet contains enough protein. More muscle will result in more calories being burned. Lean, low fat meats and 2% fat cheeses are good sources of protein. A small serving of nuts will add protein to an otherwise protein short meal. Be careful with the serving size of cheese and nuts, as they will also add fat. Adding one of the tasteless protein powders to food that has enough moisture to dissolve it can help to supplement your protein.

Tip #6

It is essential for mature women who want to lose weight and increase metabolism to have sufficient hydration in their diet. The most beneficial way is to drink lots of water-at least 8 full glasses a day. However, you can substitute other fluids, if you make sure to watch the calorie count per serving portion. In light of recent research about artificial sweeteners, it probably is a good idea to use them in moderation.

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