Tips For Mature Women Who Want To Lose Weight and Increase Metabolism

Photo credit: Slice of Chic / Flickr
Photo credit: Slice of Chic / Flickr

Tip #7

A great tip for mature women who want to lose weight and increase metabolism is to cut fried foods from their diet and grill or pan-fry with only cooking oil spray in the pan. There are wonderful sprays of all different types of oil available now. Almost any food that can be fried can also be baked after spraying with one of these oils. They are really all you need to get that fried food taste.

Tip #8

Mature women who successfully lose weight and increase metabolism master the technique of eating at restaurants and parties without sabotaging their weight loss plan. One tip to help you stay with your weight loss plan is to always order the lunch portion. If you order salads, be careful of the dressings. Ask for them on the side. Order a regular entrée and split it with your dining companion and just order an extra salad or side.

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