Top 10 Natural Anti-Aging

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

3. Broccoli

The gold badge for the best edible vegetable goes to broccoli. This contains vitamin C needed by our body to repair cellular damage, as mentioned, and calcium to strengthen the bones. It has also an alleged chemical that is responsible to fight illness and diseases. This phytonutrient found in broccoli has been apparent to lower different types of cancers which may help save the life of a person.

Because people nowadays are very meticulous when it comes to skin due to beauty trends, a traditional and healthy way to have better skin is to eat the flowering part of the broccoli. The vitamins that it contains make a younger looking skin which probably would make you feel good. It also impedes wrinkle formation. Wrinkles are a bad sign that people age and it is very hideous to look at especially when it is too visible. Also, it has numerous benefits for your health, the reason why we need to add it up on our healthy diet and consume it. As what the saying goes, “stay young, stay healthy.”

Further, as people age, memory also slows down. When you are stressed due to long exams, deadlines of reports, and other stuff which needs deep thinking and reasoning, broccoli is a good alternative to solve your problem as it contains a phytoestrogen which helps improve your mental skills.

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