Top 5 Protein Supplements for Fast Muscle Growth

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Trying to gain muscles is challenging especially if you are skin and bones from the beginning. However, it is possible and it can be achieved. All you need is to have the right kind of exercise and protein supplements to help you with that. Some people say that you don’t need protein supplements to gain muscles but that’s not always the case. Protein supplements contain different components that are essential in growing muscles. Now if you want to grow muscles fast, these five proteins must be included in your diet. Check them out.

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is made when milk is coagulated during cheese production. It contains everything that is soluble form milk. It is a 5% solution of lactose in water with some minerals and lactalbumin. Fat is removed from this protein and then they are processed for human consumption. Taking whey protein can be beneficial too. Besides muscle growth, it helps in reducing the risks of diseases like diabetes, cancer and other heart diseases. It also helps improve the immune system, reduces fat levels and hunger.

2. Casein Protein

Ideally, casein is taken before bedtime. This protein provides enough amino acids overnight and has found to help in enhancing muscle building when it’s added to your post-workout shake. It also helps in fat reduction, strengthens muscles and helps protect the teeth.

3. Beef Protein

This comes from meat and the proteins found in meat are also helpful in building up muscles. Beef proteins are also among the most consumed meat for muscle build up. It is packed with amino acids to ensure that protein synthesis is used well. It also has a high absorption rate compared to other types of proteins. It also reduces bloating and is digested in the stomach rather than the intestines. It also contains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain our immune system. Since this protein is found in meat, it’s much easier to consume than any other kind of proteins.

4. Soy protein

Among other proteins, soy can substitute meat protein. If you are trying to grow muscles but don’t want the fat found in meat then soy can be your substitute. It also contains amino acids that are found in meat. It can also help in lowering LDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as other heart diseases. Since soy protein has amino acids, it helps other proteins to work more effectively thus getting the full benefits of other foods more effectively. Soy protein aids in reducing the risk of getting colon cancer, prostate cancer and even osteoporosis.

5. Egg White protein

This protein is found in eggs and plays a big part in muscle building. They are fat free and can be easily absorbed compared to other kinds of proteins. Egg whites also contain amino acids which are needed in building new muscle tissues or to be used as energy. The amino acids found in egg whites are also helpful in producing nonessential amino acids like L-arginine and L-glutamine which facilitates muscle growth. Another great benefit of egg whites is that they are easily available and cheap compared to other kinds of proteins. Not only that, they can be easily absorbed by the body so this means that they can be easily digested.

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