Top 6 Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Grape seed extract is harvested from the ground seeds of grapes. The extract is high in vitamin E, flavonoids, phenolic procyanidins, antioxidants and linoleic acid. Thanks to its medicinal and nutritional properties, grape seed extract has been used in home remedies for centuries. In today’s post, we are listing down the top 6 health benefits of grape seed extract:

1. Protects from Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals. Free radicals are reactive molecules that target and destroy healthy cells. This leads to tissue breakdown. Research show that oxidative stress is the number one cause of chronic diseases – including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Grape seed extract contains vitamin E and flavonoids called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. These nutrients neutralize the effects of free radicals. They also protect the body from environmental stressors and toxins.

2. Prevents Blood Clots

Blood clot is an often dangerous condition that occurs within the veins. This disorder causes blood to pool in the veins, causing coagulation and inflammation. Taking grape seed extract helps “thin” out the blood so it flows freely within the veins. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Health System found that grape seed oil is so effective in thinning out the blood, it also prevents varicose veins and weakened capillaries.

The antioxidants in grape seed extract create a protective barrier on blood vessels. This leads to normal blood pressure.

3. Cuts the Risk of Cancer

Because grape seed extract neutralizes free radicals, it cuts the risk of cancer development. Oxidative stress triggers the cells to mutate. The mutation sometimes lead to malignant tumors. Researchers at the University of Michigan Health System found that cancer cells exposed to grape seed extract stopped reproducing. According to researchers, grape seed extract could prevent a variety of cancers including stomach, colon, breast, and lung cancer. Grape seed extract can be used to minimize the after-effects of chemotherapy too.

4. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Grape seed extract protects from most types of cardiovascular diseases. In a 2003 study, researchers found that grape seed extract “provides superior antioxidant efficacy as compared to Vitamins C, E, and β-carotene.” Other studies also found that grape seed extract improves blood circulation while keeping the heart strong.

5. Delays the Signs of Aging

Grape seed extract contains vitamin E and antioxidants – skin-friendly nutrients that restore skin youthfulness and vibrancy.

Taking grape seed extract supplements regularly delays the signs of aging. The compounds in grape seed extract neutralize UV rays, repair damaged skin tissues and heal sunburn. Grape seed extract also minimizes the appearance of age spots and freckles. This beneficial seed extract also fades blemishes and smooth out wrinkles!

6. Protects from Chronic Diseases

Yes, grape seed extract cuts the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Research found that when taken orally, grape seed extract reduces the complications associated with diabetes. That’s because grape seed extract contains linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is an anti-glycemic agent that regulates blood sugar level in the body. It also protects from visual impairment in diabetics. That’s why diabetics are encouraged to take grape seed extract supplements twice per day.

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