Total Curve™: Can This 2-Step Program Help You Achieve Fuller Breasts?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Can you really achieve fuller, firmer breasts by taking supplements? The makers of Total Curve™ claim that with their product, it’s more than possible to achieve bigger yet natural-looking breasts within weeks. No more plastic surgery or any evasive treatments to lift, firm, and perk up your breasts. Total Curve™ 2-Step breast enhancement therapy lets you achieve the shape you want, with no surgery required. So what is Total Curve™ and does it really work? Let’s find out:

The Claim: Shapelier Silhouette in Just Two Simple Steps

Total Curve™ is a 2-step program that “nurtures and grows” the female breasts from the inside and out. The supplements are made from all-natural ingredients so there are no side effects. All you get is lifted, fuller breasts without annoying symptoms!

Each Total Curve™ set contains a bottle of the supplements and a tube of firming and lifting gel cream fortified with Volufiline™. Used together, the products work in unison to improve overall breast appearance and health!

Unlike other topical creams or pills that promise to lift the breasts but yield temporary results, Total Curve™ works deep within the breast tissues, stimulating growth from the inside permanently. With Total Curve™, you can tone, shape, and lift your breasts safely and with no effort at all.

The Total Curve™ supplements are made from naturally-derived phytoestrogen that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body to lift breast tissues. The supplements also contain herbal nutrients from watercress and buckwheat, both of which are powerful inhibitor of cancer.

The Volufiline™ gel cream, on the other hand, contains sarsasapogenin which stimulate lipogenesis. These compounds interact with the fatty tissues in the breasts, causing them to grow rapidly in volume. The result is enhanced cleavage! This gel works with no side effects or health risks. It transforms the structure of the breasts safely and effectively.

Benefits of Total Curve™ 2-Step Breast Enhancement Treatment

  • Stimulates estrogen level to lift and firm the breasts
  • Increases the volume of fat cells in the breast tissues
  • Boosts breast health
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants and bioactive compounds for better health
  • Prevents PMS symptoms
  • Works from the inside and out for permanently lifted breasts
  • Helps sculpt and contour the chest area.

Does Total Curve™ 2-Step Breast Enhancement Treatment Work?

According to the Total Curve™ website, the program delivers measurable results. The product was developed by a team of scientists and had been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficacy.

Now, some users do claim that they feel the product working but before taking the Total Curve™ program, it’s best to test it to prevent allergic reactions. Although the brand markets its product as 100% all-natural and side-effect free, we have different sensitivity levels to herbs so patch testing is important to prevent adverse reactions to the product. You may also consult your doctor first before taking any type of breast enhancement program. Remember to take only the recommended dosage.

Finally, we recommend treating yourself to regular breast massage to help increase the efficacy of Total Curve™.

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