Treating Depression and Anxiety the Natural Way

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Being stressed out doesn’t just mess you up mentally, it could wreak havoc on your health as well. Stress may come from different sources but by making smarter food choices, utilizing calming herbs, and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve better health and well-being. Below are great ways to keep the mind and body stress-free:

Making Lifestyle Choices

Pent-up anxiety, stress, or depression could cause a myriad of serious health problems including heart disease, obesity, and mental breakdown. When you want to start living healthier and stress-free, you have to be willing to make better choices in the food you eat and the lifestyle you lead.

For instance, if you’re so used to spending the rest of your night couch-locked after a hectic day at work, you have to make an effort to stay fit. Exercise doesn’t just tone the body, prevent obesity, and keep the body health; it also releases pent-up anxiety and stimulates the release of “happy hormone” serotonin. Serotonin lifts the mood, prevents depression and anxiety, and promotes better well-being. You don’t have to enroll in a pricy gym to stay fit. You can walk, run, or even do simple yoga or Pilates exercises at home to keep your mind peaceful and your body stronger, toner, and healthier!

Making lifestyle choices doesn’t just stop at whipping your butt into shape. Find any opportunity to keep moving to burn off fat, open yourself up to socializing to keep the spirits up, and purge your home with unhealthy snacks you gorge yourself with each time you feel stressed out. Finally, try to socialize more. Hang out with friends, reach out to people and if you’re extremely depressed, let a trusted friend know about your struggles. Being in good company helps soothe frayed nerves and calm a frantic mind.

Making Better Food Choices

Certain types of foods you eat may make your bouts of depression or anxiety worse. Ideally, you want to stick to foods that are rich in fiber, magnesium, and other compounds that keep the system healthy while also helping the brain deal with daily stressors effectively. A diet rich in whole grains, seaweed, blueberries, and acai berry will do wonders for your mood. These foods are rich in magnesium, antioxidants, and other compounds that release happy hormones in the brain.

If you tend to be an emotional eater, again, remove any fatty, greasy, or generally unhealthy foods in your pantry right now and replace them with vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and healthy snacks and always be mindful of your portions so you don’t gain weight when you’re feeling particularly stressed, depressed, or anxious.

Calming Herbs to Achieve Peace of Mind

Chamomile tea, cherry tart juice, almonds, and maca roots keep the mind calm by promoting better sleep, keep the heart healthy, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the brain. Passionflower, hops, skull cap, and fennel are herbs renowned to calm the mind and body thanks to bioactive that regulate hormone, lower blood pressure, and enhance normal heart functions. Mint, valerian roots, and barley tea taken as beverages also help soothe the mind, release stress, and relax the muscles!

You also want to improve your mood by taking supplements such as vitamin C, fish oil, and magnesium health supplements. These compounds also helps regulate hormones, protects the body from oxidative damage triggered by stress as well as keeps the organs healthy!

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